STAFF PICKS: Gifts for Beginners

To help take the stress out of holiday shopping, we’ve turned to our team to share their top gift ideas that the golfer in your life will enjoy.

Written by: Alex Cropley, Assistant Manager at Golf Town London

Our Holiday Gift Shop is officially open! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to find that perfect gift for beginner golfers on your list, and Golf Town of course has everything a golfer of any skill level could dream of.  I’m here to help narrow down your choices with my top picks for the new golfer this holiday season.

 Alignment Sticks

I like how much benefit they provide to my game without taking up much room in my golf bag or adding a lot of weight. Alignment sticks are a great gift because they have many functions on the driving range and putting green. I personally take mine to the course every time I go!

Z Tech Brush

A golf brush is essential to have on the bag because it provides a clean golf club for each shot. A clean club will result in a more consistent ball flight and more optimal spin rates. By having these, you will improve your chances of scoring better and enjoying the game more. Who knew a brush could do all of that? It is a low price point item that can be used by every golfer!

Bushnell Neo

The Bushnell Neo is very user friendly. It offers an easy to read screen that will help any golfer dial in the yardages while on the course. Knowing your club yardages and hazards during your round will allow you to navigate your way around the course in a more efficient manner. It comes in at a very reasonable price point for the quality of unit you are getting. Small, compact, and user friendly.

FJ Rain Gloves

In Canada we compete with a variety of weather. Sun, rain, and snow can all be present on course. If you are anything like me, you are out there in any sort of weather. Rain gloves help me keep a strong grip on my clubs without increasing grip pressure. This does not take up much room in your golf bag and can be added to your equipment for less than $40. I have had mine for a few seasons and are still in great shape.

Super Stroke Putter Grips

I have a Super Stroke putter grip on my putter because it helps quiet my hands through the putting stoke while adding comfort and style to my most used club…the putter! This is a great gift idea because it comes in a variety of colours, shapes and even sports teams to customize your equipment to you as the golfer!

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls

I love the feel and feedback provided from the Q star golf ball. It provides fantastic performance from Tee to Green for many golfers, myself included! In the shoulder seasons of golf, I love that this ball is offered in the colour yellow for easy visibility. The ball makes a great gift because of how many golfers game fits this style of ball. I would highly recommend this premium ball for a lower price point.

Evolution Combo Pack Tees (3 ¼ & 1 1/2)

This item is a staple in my golf bag and should be in every golfers! The two length pack allow you to have tees for every club in your bag. The lines on the tee allow you to tee the ball up at a consistent height. Finally, the plastic material increases longevity without the tees breaking as often as wooden ones. This is a must have! Every golfer needs tees…period! Get them the best option out there!

 Nike Infinity G Golf Shoes

The price says it all! A golf shoe for under $100. The brand Nike is well known in any activity, this is no different in the golf shoe industry! I have worn the brand Nike on course for many years and for them to offer a quality shoe at a great price point is a win win! This is a great gift because they are made in men’s and women’s in a variety of sizes. Check them out on our website or in store!

BodyXtra Foam Roller

I am a big believer that a successful golf game is more than a good range session here or there. It is how your treat and care for your body outside the course. I love my BodyXtra foam rollers for relieving muscle tension and pain in many areas of my body. This is a great gift idea because it can help better your golf game, but more importantly, your everyday life!

Gift Card

The greatest benefit to this gift is that it can be spent on whatever item, or items the golfer in your life is in need of! The game is constantly evolving and we hope your golf game is as well! With all these changes being made, you’ll often time need to update your gear! This can start with a GT gift card.

A Golf Town gift card is available as a physical card or electronic. This is the ultimate gift for anything golf! My favourite thing to receive throughout the holidays is the one and only…Golf Town gift card!


 Alex Cropley is the Assistant Manager at our London location. He has been with Golf Town for 6 years. His favourite local golf course is West Haven Golf & Country Club. Golf has always been his passion as he played for two years as a Varsity Athlete on Georgian College’s golf team.

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