Cobra unveils first 3D-printed golf product

Print up a putter—that’s the premise behind Cobra’s new putter, KING Supersport-35, created through 3D printing and designed in partnership with computer company HP. “3D printers allows us to do things we’ve never been able to do previously,” the company says.

3D printers are revolutionizing the way we make and design things throughout all parts of our lives. Why should golf be any different?

That’s the concept behind Cobra’s KING Supersport-35, the first golf product designed using a 3D printer, and created in conjunction with tech company HP. It’ll be the world’s first putter created with a 3D printer, which helped craft the intricate lattice work found in the back of the limited-edition putter as well as its steel head.

There will be fewer than 500 units worldwide and the Cobra KING Supersport-35 will be available online only this Friday, November 20, in extremely limited quantities.

3D Saves Time

Using a 3D printer shaved weeks off the design and manufacturing process of the KING Supersport-35, says Andrew Foscarin, marketing manager for Cobra in Canada. “It saves up to 12 weeks of design time,” he said. The design work is the first of several projects being undertaken between Cobra and HP. In recent years we’ve seen increasing interaction between leading technology companies and golf equipment makers. Callaway, for instance, used a super computer to help design its latest Mavrik driver.

The HP Metal Jet 3D printer provides a level of manufacturing not otherwise achievable, Cobra says. The 316 stainless steel metal body of the putter is fully 3D printed as is the intricate lattice structure within the body that optimizes the distribution of weight within the putter head. The result is a high level of forgiveness and moment of inertia that was only previously achievable with moveable weights.

Cobra and HP began working together in 2019 and had 35 different iterations of the putter crafted over eight months. The KING Supersport-35 was developed using the HP Metal Jet printer, and the companies said more golf products will come out of the partnership, including two new creations next year.

SIK Golf Face Insert

The putter, which is an oversized blade shape, features SIK Golf’s descending loft technology engineered into an aluminum face insert. SIK is known for being used by Bryson DeChambeau, who plays Cobra gear. Their signature face design utilizes four descending lofts (4°, 3°, 2°, 1°) to ensure the most consistent launch conditions for every putting stroke.


The Supersport-35 features a high MOI heel-toe weighted design for maximum stability, and a plumber neck hosel with a 35-degree toe hang suitable for slight arc putting strokes.


Every new club from Cobra has Smart Sensors built in and this putter is no different. Pairing COBRA CONNECT with Arccos Smart Caddie offers insights into your performance on the greens.

Is it for you?

Are you the kind of person who is an early adopter of technology? Did you have a flat-screen TV before your friends? Interested in an electric car? Then this is the putter for you. Nothing better than a good story on the first green—and the Supersport offers that, and much more. But get it fast; the limited numbers created mean this putter won’t be available for long.


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