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To help take the stress out of holiday shopping, we’ve turned to our team to share their top gift ideas that the golfer in your life will enjoy.

Written by: Greg McKinty, Assistant Store Manger at Golf Town Waterloo

Our Holiday Gift Shop is officially open! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start your search for the perfect gift. Golf Town of course has everything a golfer could dream of, so I’m here to help narrow down your choices with my top picks for unique gifts this holiday season that any golfer would love.


What I love about this product is not only can you use it as a GPS unit on the course but you can take it home or to the range and set it up as a mini launch monitor!  On the golf course, before each shot you can check your distance to the front, middle and back of the green, check your distance to the nearest bunker or touch the screen to get a closer view of the green or surrounding area.  It is portable, comes pre-loaded with 41,000 courses worldwide and is Bluetooth compatible so you can get important messages on the course or check your stats from your round on your phone or tablet when you get home! On the range or in the comfort of your home practice area, you can set the unit up to monitor your swing.  Important info like club head speed, ball speed and temp are all at your fingertips.  Or, play a practice round on any of the 41,000 courses available! This is the gift for someone who wants not only all the important info on the course to help maximize their game but also wants to see the data when they are practicing or warming up for a round.  Discover and analyze their strengths and weaknesses and get the most out of each round and practice session.


First thing I notice when I see this chipping net is a compact, lightweight training aid that I can take anywhere! Not only is this chipping net lightweight and portable but it is extremely sturdy and durable.  It has a nice wide 30” diameter opening and has 3 different chipping target zones.  A great gift for anyone!  Who doesn’t want to improve their chipping and save some strokes?  Set it up outside and practice those chips from the rough or grab some foam practice balls, set it up in the backyard and get that swing just perfect!


I saw this box and was amazed that everything you need is in this box and it is only $199.99!  You can turn your backyard or if you have the room in your house, your basement or garage into a driving range.

In this box you get a 7’X9’ driving net, a hitting mat, foam practice balls and when you are finished, an easy to use shag bag to pick up all those balls.  This is a great gift for the golfer that wants to practice all year round in the comfort of their own home.  There will be a lot of golfers unable to head to a warmer climate this winter so why not wrap this up so they can practice, stay active and keep that swing during those cold months.


When you are told by your 14-year old that you are old and not very flexible seeing this item made me smile.  I will limber up, strengthen up and show him! This trainer will help improve your flexibility and strength, give you the feel of an actual club in your hand and help you maintain a proper grip and swing tempo.  Designed for both right and left-handed golfers this is a great aid for a warm-up before a round or a cool down after your leave the 18th green. Every golfer can benefit from a warm-up and a cool down.   Increasing strength and flexibility will prevent muscle pulls or strains and a slow cool down with a couple of easy swings with the trainer after a round will help prevent muscle tightness and soreness the next day.


I love this aid because it is so simple and yet, so helpful!

Look at the target, align your ball and stand above the putt.  With the mirror, you can see exactly if your head and shoulders are aligned properly and what adjustments to make.  This is a lightweight portable aid that can be used at home or on the course to help improve your alignment and your putting accuracy. The one club that every golfer uses on every hole.  The perfect gift to practice that putting stroke and check your alignment.  There is a long winter ahead of us so why not keep that putting stroke pure with the help of this simple mirror.


Again, another simple portable aid that I can throw in my golf bag and practice those putts before or in between rounds. A set of three 50mm plastic gates that you can set up anywhere to help you gauge if your putts are running on a consistent line and if you have the correct speed.  Easy to take with you to the course or simply set them up at home on the PuttOUT Putting Mat and practice when you can’t hit the course. A great gift for anyone who wants to improve their putting and check to see if they have that consistent roll and proper speed.


Yes, I am always looking to improve my putting and this aid caught my eye by Mr. Pelz.  I love the ease of use of this aid and the notion that it will help me improve reading greens. This aid teaches on-line putting and helps you square that face at impact.  It helps you get that putt started on-line from the first touch and over time will help improve your stroke mechanics.  Line up the aid, place the ball and hit the putt.  You will learn very quickly if your green reading is accurate and if that face is square at impact.

Practice, practice, practice.  Another gift for any golfer looking to improve their putting stroke, alignment and green reading skills.


I love how compact this unit is and the amount of relevant data it gives you on each swing. So many features of this unit.  Carry/total distance, swing speed, launch angle, ball speed, voice output of distance and the list goes on.  The ultimate portable launch monitor that will give every golfer all the info they will ever need on every swing they take.  With Doppler technology the accuracy and precision are pin-point and with Bluetooth, you can track your real-time data.  Total convenience in one unit for every user. An amazing gift for the golfer that wants to know real-time data and who wants to read and analyze their shot information.


Memories of my university days playing beer pong…love it!  Mature me loves this game! Everything you need in one box for hours of fun with friends and family.  Comes with the putting matt with discs to cover the holes, two rubber, non-injuring putters and golf balls.  Packs up nice and tidy too to bring it over to a bubble friend or family members house. A gift for all ages!  Friends and family who have that competitive spirit or those who just want to relax and have some fun.


I love how this gift pairs so nicely with other putting aids from PuttOUT golf!  Use your putting gates or your putting mirror to help improve one of the most important skills of the game. Practice on a medium to fast-paced green all year round.  By rolling the matt into the convenient carry case, when ready to use you don’t have any nasty creases to deal with, just a nice smooth putting surface.  A realistic putting mat for all gofers looking to practice putting all year round.  Whether they are looking to practice those short two-footers or those always difficult inconsistent six-footers this mat is perfect!


Greg McKinty is the Assistant Store Manger at Golf Town Waterloo store 558. He started at Golf Town by helping to open the London location where he stayed on for 2 years.  Following the birth of his son, he made the decision to leave Golf Town and be a stay-at-home dad for 7 years.  In 2014, he returned to Golf Town and has progressed from a part-time sales associate to his current position.

Some of his favourite courses are RiverEdge, Dundas Valley, Mystic and King’s Forest. Each year for the past 18 years Greg, his two younger brothers and his father compete in the McKinty Mens’s Golf Classic.  They rotate who hosts the tournament each year and they have yet to play the same golf course twice.  The winner on Sunday takes home the trophy! His goal next year is to golf more! Golf with his fiancé, his kids, fellow associates, really, with anyone!

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