Mizuno’s T22 wedges offer distinct looks, mix of previous generations

Buttery soft. That’s the reputation of Mizuno’s forged irons. The company continues to push forward with improvements to its line, this time with a mix of the best of its T20 and T7 lines to create the T22.

The T22 wedges are available now for pre-order.

For five decades, Mizuno has been refining its grain flow forging process. The T-series were dreamed up with Luke Donald when he was the top player in the world. And anyone who watched Donald during that time knows he didn’t rise to such heights due to his ability to drive the ball.

The latest generation from Mizuno, the T22, is a modified teardrop shape that comes in a three finishes—denim copper, satin chrome and raw—and four different sole grinds.

Key technologies


For more than 50 years, Mizuno has created wedges from a one-piece grain flow technique using HD Boron at the company’s Hiroshima facility. T22 wedges feature a microlayer of copper beneath the nickel chrome, a feature the company says offers more control at impact.


The wedges are a mix of the traditional look of T7 and the tapered blade of T20. The T22 is a modified teardrop shape with a bevelled top edge that makes it look thin, and a weighted blade design to create more consistent spin and allow golfers to flight their shots.

HydroFlow Micro Grooves

You’re going to hit shots when it is wet, but you don’t want to lose spin. That’s where the HydroFlow Micro Grooves come in. Laser etched, they are designed to release moisture and ensure appropriate spin.


T22 wedges come in denim copper, satin chrome and a raw finish. The raw finish, one preferred by many top players who like it for added spin. It comes without the copper underlay.


S Grind – with minimal sole grind for fuller shots and lower lofts

D Grind – with moderate heel and toe relief, allowing gentle manipulation of the clubface

C Grind – with heavy heel and toe relief for more skilled players and firmer conditions

X Grind – with extreme heel and toe relief for the real short game maestros.

Is it for me?

Mizuno irons have the reputation of being played by the game’s best players. That’s true with these wedges as well, and better golfers might get more out of the technology and feel provided by the T22 line. However, with a variety of grinds, there are options here for a players up to the mid-handicapper. That said, you’re going to want to ensure you have these fit to the way you chip to get maximum value out of your purchase.

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One thought on “Mizuno’s T22 wedges offer distinct looks, mix of previous generations”

  1. I am a mid to high 80s on a average public course. I carry four irons (60,56,52 & PW). My short game is not my strength. I have no idea what grind would be best for my game or if it should be the same on all wedges.
    I am 85 years old and presently hitting Ping G410 game improvement irons. I am interested in T22 wedges.