Mizuno continues to impress with latest generation of ST driver

The PGA Tour’s best have often played Mizuno irons even lacking a contract. They are simply that good, respected for their craftsmanship throughout the golf world. But even as the irons were played widely, the company’s drivers didn’t gain the same traction. That is, until recently.

The new ST-G 220 driver is available now online and in select doors. It is also available via special order.

The takeaway for the ST-G 220 is it is a driver that can be readily refined for your needs. By adding a third area for adjustability, the ST-G 220 is, as one industry insider commented, “a fitter’s dream.”

Key technologies

New center weight port

The 220 has shorter lateral weights, which allow for a new center weight port. The result? By dialing in the three tracks and two moveable weights, the driver can be either turned into a highly forgiving version with more spin, or a lower spin version, with fade and draw bias according to your needs. The two central back weights offer deep center of gravity for higher stability and launch. The new configuration also creates a tighter range of feel and sound across all of the weight settings. The driver also has four degrees of loft adjustability—from seven to 11 degrees.

Player’s perspective

The ST-G 220 has a deeper face and is shorter back-to-front with the total head size of 460cc.

New Multi-thickness CORTECH Face

Refined to maximize the return from Mizuno’s Beta Ti face. Ball speeds most noticeably improved low on the clubface.

Hot Face

The driver uses Mizuno’s SAT2041 Beta Ti face, a mix of super alloy, titanium, vanadium, aluminum and tin and offers 17% more resistance to breaking, and 8% more flexibility.

Is it for me?

Mizuno’s drivers have increasingly won accolades in recent years. The ST-Z and ST-X won gold awards from Golf Digest’s hot list, only a year after gaining the first award from the magazine for a driver. The ST-G 220 just expands the appeal of the company’s drivers by making it easier to fit. Whether you’re a high-spin or low-spin driver of the ball, the ST-G 220 can be dialed to your preferences.

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