Optishot Delivers Optimal At-Home Golf

Just because there’s snow outside in most of the country, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep your game sharp during the winter months. Just a few years ago, the idea of owning a golf simulator seemed akin to having your own rollercoaster, but with the rapid advancement in ball-tracking technology, at-home simulators have become far more affordable and popular. Optishot has long been an industry-leader in this realm, and with their latest Golf-In-A-Box set, you can be off the virtual first tee in a matter of minutes.

At a Glance

As the name implies, Optishot’s Golf-In-A-box is the perfect entry-level simulator for those who want the enjoyment of playing the game without the hassle and stress of driving to indoor facilities. Perhaps most importantly, this product is easy to take down and stow away, so it’s not as though you need to cordon off the living room for the winter. The Golf-In-A-Box package comes with a hitting net, hitting mat, Optishot’s software, two foam balls and adjustable tees, among other accessories. With Optishot’s latest software, you’ll receive virtual access to 15 courses from around the world, as well as a driving range to hone in your skills. Perfect for a socially-distanced get together with friends, or a gateway to introduce young ones to the game, Optishot’s Golf-In-A-Box is a versatile simulator that provides accurate, realistic shot tracking.

Getting Started

Simply download the Optishot software to your computer or smart TV and connect to the USB cable to your mat. Simple to set up, operate and take down, this all-in-one simulator solution allows you to play and practice over the winter months from the safety and convenience of home. And as good as the software is, the hardware is equally impressive. The high-density turf mat delivers a realistic feel at impact, while the hitting net is made from ultra-durable materials for lasting use. If you’re wanting to elevate your game this off-season, take a look at Optishot’s latest offering—it may just be the perfect purchase to wash away your golfing blues.

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3 thoughts on “Optishot Delivers Optimal At-Home Golf”

  1. My favorite sport, golf, has become even more interesting since reading your article
    This is an excellent post. You covered both topics very well.

  2. I’ve being playing with the Optishot system for several years. I find it to be an excellent value but it does have its limitations. I find it exaggerates slices and hooks and putting is tricky. This said, it is a lot of fun. Add a large screen and a projector and you really have a neat setup.