TaylorMade’s Hydro Blast Putter line aimed at “golfing zealot”

Bandon. Del Monte. Chaska.

Areas famous for their golf courses. Think Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach. Think the best.

That’s what TaylorMade wants golfers to think with its new Hydro Blast putters, a line that puts a premium on performance and aesthetics and is linked by the Hydro Blast finish, a rich look that is created by applying high-pressure water to stainless steel. The line covers a number of key putter designs, offering alternatives for each and every stroke. Blast away. The entire lineup of Hydro Blast putters are available now online and in store.

Key technologies

Hydro Blast

A new technology by TaylorMade, the steel surface, durable and attractive, is created by blasting water over 303 stainless steel.

White Pure Roll Insert

The tech behind the successful Spider X line that TaylorMade says led to more than a dozen tour wins across the golf world in 2019. The grooves on the Hydro Blast line are at a 45 degree angle, designed to optimize roll right off the strike.

The Line


A classic blade with a single sightline on the back cavity, and equipped with an L-Neck hosel, there’s plenty of toe hang on this traditional putter, making it ideal for those who create face rotation through the stroke.

Is it for you?

Do you rotate the putter open and closed through the stroke? If that’s you, check this one out.

Del Monte

A blade with a shorter length and wider back-to-front, this has more presence, while still providing the classic elements one would expect. The Del Monte offers two different neck options—the L-Neck for a player who needs toe hang and creates moderate rotation through the putt, and the Single Bend is for the golfer with less rotation.

Is it for you?

The L-Neck is aimed at the golfer who rotates the club open and closed during the stroke, similar to the Soto line, while the Single Bend neck is aimed at the golfer who has a more straight putting stroke.


The first of the Hydro Blast putters to appear, this one gained some notoriety in the hands of Tommy Fleetwood. Its double-wing design is aimed at framing the ball at address, and perimeter weighting offers a higher level of forgiveness. While Fleetwood is a traditionalist who favours blade putters, he gravitated to the Bandon because of its forgiveness.

Is it for me?

A mallet design with higher MOI, the Bandon 3 utilizes a short slant hosel with toe hang that gives this more of a blade-like performance, with the forgiveness of a mallet.


A modern mallet design with interesting visual alignment cues, the goal of the Dupage is to help you set up properly at address.

Is it for you?

A face-balanced putter with a single bend hosel, this is ideal for putters with straight strokes.


You’re seen a version of this in TaylorMade’s successful Corza Ghost line. This offers a circular alignment aid and three sightlines, with adjustable sole weights. The result is a very stable putter.

Is it for you?

A modern design for those with straight putting strokes.

Shop the entire Hydro Blast collection online or in store. 

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