COBRA RADSPEED Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Pushing the technological envelope is nothing new for COBRA, a company whose history has seen them at the forefront of club innovation time and again. RADSPEED, COBRA’s latest engineering advancement, utilizes an extreme weighting formula to leverage faster ball speeds, greater forgiveness and towering trajectories.

Fairway Woods

Much the same way COBRA utilized radial weighting in their driver lineup, the RADSPEED fairway woods follow the same engineering principles. They are available in three families — RADSPEED, RADSPEED Tour and Big Tour, as well as RADSPEED Draw. COBRA engineers also incorporated hollow split rails along the sole of each fairway clubhead to generate greater face flex at impact. By hollowing out the rails, COBRA has managed to save nearly 11 grams, which provides discretionary weight to be strategically placed along the perimeter for performance optimization. In addition, the new carbon crown is 30% thinner than previous models, allowing for 6 grams more of discretionary weight to be reallocated throughout the clubhead. When you add it all up, what you get are three unique woods tailored to specific ball flights and trajectory preferences.


The standard RADSPEED Fairway is COBRA’s standard model, equipped with front and back weighting for ideal balance, faster ball speeds, low spin and a high launch angle. Designed for optimal turf interaction, this model offers superior distance from a variety of lies and conditions. RADSPEED Fairway also utilizes a CNC Infinity Milled face, which extends beyond the toe and heel for a larger—some would say infinite—impact zone. It comes in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood options.

If you’re looking for something a little faster with even less spin, consider the RADSPEED Big Tour and Tour models. Engineered for penetrating trajectories, the oversized Big Tour (available in 3-wood) uses frontloaded weighting to produce superior ball speeds and less spin, while the Tour (available in 5-wood) is more compact to provide players with greater workability.

If you’re plagued by the dreaded slice, the RADSPEED Draw (available in 3-, 5- and 7-wood) helps you, well, draw it. With 16 grams of weight added to the heel of the club, those who tend to come in open and across at impact will benefit. By getting weight in the heel, the toe of the club can close more easily, straightening out slices and even getting you working a draw.


To round out the family, COBRA has unveiled their RADSPEED Hybrid and RADSPEED One-Length hybrids. Both versions use radial weighting balanced in the back and front of the clubhead, as well as two Baffler rails. Located on the sole of the club, these innovative additions help reduce unwanted dig and promote effortless launch at impact no matter how tricky your lie. And like their larger fairway wood counterparts, the hybrids are also equipped with forward hollow rails to produce greater face elasticity and faster ball speeds.


Each COBRA club comes with COBRA CONNECT in the grip and a 90-day free trial to ARCCOS, an innovative app that provides players with detailed analysis of their play.

In addition to the release of the RADSPEED fairway woods and hybrids, COBRA’S 2021 lineup also includes the RADSPEED drivers and RADSPEED irons.

Available for pre-order on January 22, 2021 and in stores/online February 8, 2021.

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