A wedge built for a Tiger — TaylorMade’s Milled Grind 2, Tiger Woods Special Edition Grind

TaylorMade recognized the demand for a raw milled grind wedge. After all, raw wedges are immensely popular on tour. But the company’s most demanding player—Tiger Woods—wanted something uniquely his own.

The PGA Tour professionals play them, but bringing so-called “raw” wedges to market proved a particular challenge for TaylorMade. The problem is that raw wedges—those without a coating on them—often start to discolour and rust before they even end up in the consumer’s golf bag. Though they spin more, and are the preferred choice by far of those on the PGA Tour, the fact they could appear worn before they were even used was off-putting for many consumers. To compensate for that fact, the company worked to create an adhesive sticker (unique to TaylorMade) that will keep the wedges sealed until they are put in play.

There’s no question that was a success—videos of players peeling off the sticker captured the imagination of golfers online last year.

Tiger Woods loved the concept—and was willing to share his own unique take on the wedge that will be available for preorder on August 14 and in stores on September 4. With that, the Tiger Woods Grind was born.

“In the past, Tiger was really secretive about what he did with his equipment,” said Bill Price, who helms TaylorMade’s putter and wedge division. “But starting with his irons, he’s started to open up and show people more about what he does with his clubs. He has a remarkable perspective.”


Lower leading edge

The Tiger grind offers a lower leading edge that is slightly straighter – with 25 degrees of bounce. This allows Tiger to be aggressive on tight lies.



The narrow middle of the club offers 12 degrees of bounce—once again demonstrating Tiger’s use of bounce on his wedges. This is a modified high bounce C grind.


Various bounce options

The wedge offers high bounce in the playing position and low bounce in the open position. “Tiger is so smart when it comes to what he wants in his wedges and his approach is very refined,” says Price.

Is it for you?

Well, you don’t hit it like Tiger—but his perspective is that every player can benefit from more bounce. Tiger’s take: “I think every amateur should have north of 12 degrees of bounce,” Woods says. “Bounce helps you—and they just don’t practice enough to know how to take it off and add it.” In that regard, this is a higher-bounce wedge that offers options. So it might be designed by a Tiger, but it’ll work for the average weekend player as well.

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