Brooke Henderson returns to The Evian Championship

After being cancelled in 2020, Brooke is looking forward to once again competing in France.

The 2020 LPGA Tour schedule was filled with questions, some answers, and lots of changes. But for 2021, one of the biggest events on the schedule will make a happy return.

The Amundi Evian Championship (a major) will be contested July 22-25 at the Evian Resort Golf Club in Evian-les-Baines – back for 2021 after being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic last summer.

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Golf Town Athlete Brooke Henderson is looking forward to many things across the Atlantic, she says – returning to France, returning to a golf course she’s had some recent success on, and the best crepes she’s ever had.

Brooke (who says she loves “all” the flavours of the delicate French pastry served at the Evian) has finished in the top-25 in four of her five starts at the major, including two top-10’s.

She says returning to a singular golf course for a major championship is super helpful for her, and Brittany’s, preparation. The Evian, along with the ANA Inspiration, are played at the same course every year while the other three majors are on a rotation.

“It reduces the stress a lot for the practice round days because you know what to expect,” says Brooke. “Brit does a lot of the yardages and makes sure everything is similar, but for the most part it’s all about the conditions and that’s a lot easier to figure out when you’re not also trying to figure out where to hit it all the time.”

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One thing Brooke admits she’ll have to navigate more at the Evian versus almost any other tournament is the beautiful setting of the golf course.

The course is built, basically, on the side of a mountain. There are a lot of elevation changes and Brooke says being patient around the slopes (there are basically no flat lies, she says!) will be important.

The second hole at the Evian features a 100-foot drop from the tee box to the hole, with beautiful Lake Geneva in the background.

“It can be distracting but it can also be very relaxing, which I think can be really unique about a major championship. Normally you are very stressed on every hole, but you can take things in there,” says Brooke. “The air is so fresh and clear, and you can kind of re-set yourself a little bit.”

Brooke has had a very solid season so far this year on the LPGA Tour, notching her 10th LPGA Tour title in April! Her performances at the major championships have also been strong. Her best result was a T7 at the U.S. Women’s Open, with a T19 at the ANA Inspiration and a T21 at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

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After the Evian the women of the LPGA Tour will also have the AIG Women’s Open and, of course, the Olympic competition all in quick succession. Brooke’s original schedule had her returning home to Florida twice between now and the Olympics but it’s likely she will add another tournament in there to reduce all the trans-Atlantic back-and-forth.

She knows rest will be key as she goes for another major title, plus an Olympic medal!

At the Evian Brooke says she can’t wait to get to one of the most picturesque and unique courses on the LPGA Tour – and is more motivated than ever to win again.

“I’m definitely very excited to head back to France,” says Brooke. “It’s always so beautiful… and I’ve had some good finishes – a couple of top-10’s on that course – and I feel like if I go and prepare, I can get that good result!”

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2 thoughts on “Brooke Henderson returns to The Evian Championship”

  1. Not to be sexist I love Brooke as a fellow Canadian. I wish she changed her wardrobe and had someone on her bag rather than Britany!! I know her Dad Dave Henderson is her father and her instructor! I believe a different direction going forward would be more beneficial for her!! Smith Falls would like to see Brooke more prominent going forward and so would the rest of Canadians!