Why Fall Golf Is Our Favourite

While we tend to think that golf season is ending while the weather turns to the colder side, for so many Canadians, this is when the golf season truly hits its stride – and fall golf tends to hit different.

If you’re a golfer who just began to come out and play over the last two years, perhaps you haven’t yet been made aware of how amazing fall golf is.

We are here to help!

Whether it’s the picture-perfect moments or the opportunity to get out on an emptier-than-usual golf course here are nine reasons why Fall golf is the best.

Your game is (likely) in its best form

After playing golf all summer, why would you stop now? For those new golfers who were, perhaps, September-stoppers, it’s likely your game is in its best form of the year. You know what’s good, more importantly you know what’s bad. Keep going through fall – you might shoot your best round ever near the end of the year. And if you’re not playing well, at least you know the end of the season is around the corner, and you can swing freely with no expectations.

Beat the crowds

While golf in Canada has seen record numbers again in 2021, there’s still the whole, “back-to-reality” situation that unfolds come September 1. If you’re able to manage your own schedule to allow for more golf after Labour Day, do it. It’s likely you’ll see more open tee sheets.

Prime Conditions

After a summer of getting manicured to perfection, golf courses will see fewer rounds played in September and October – which gives the grass a chance to breath – plus the superintendents don’t need to deal with blistering heat anymore, either. Landscaping is at its best, which leads into…

Scenery that can’t be beat

If you’re looking for an Instagrammable opportunity that you might have missed in the summer, then fall golf is the time to whip out your phone. Golden hour sunlight, kissing off the orange, green, and red hues of fall, make for magic moments. Take a snap and tell your friends what they’re missing, but also make sure to take it all in yourself, too. Those are special moments on the course that you can only get in the fall.

Leaf rule, please!

 Can’t find a ball because it’s landed amongst the leaves? Not a problem in the slightest. Drop another, blame it on Mother Nature, and keep going. If you’ve been hesitant to this point, why not pick up a dozen coloured golf balls (available in yellow, red, or pink, mostly) for better visability in the fall.

Time for a trip

At Golf Town we have everything you need to load up a bag and head off on a trip. While that hasn’t been able to happen the last few years, courses and destinations across Canada are opening up to travellers now. Plane, Train, or Automobile – whatever you prefer, golf destinations will be thrilled to have you. And you might be able to score a nice shoulder-season deal, too.

Big-time cost savings

Usually fall is off-peak times for most public courses. You’ll likely find that the round you’ve been spending money on through the summer is a little cheaper come fall, which means you might have more in the budget for a little something from Golf Town that you’ve had your eye on all year.

Lessons Learned

If your local golf professional has been slammed all summer, then it might be time to reach back out to him and her to walk you through what’s been bothering you this season. You’ll still have an opportunity to apply that learning on the course and you’ll have something to work on through the winter, too.

It is Vest Season

 Vests, pull-overs, toques – you name it, we’ve got everything you need to extend your season, in all conditions, at Golf Town. While capitalizing on the moisture-wicking properties of the biggest brands in the game like adidas, Nike, Puma, and more, take a look at some of the outerwear pieces from RLX, Galvin Green, or FootJoy, all of whom have a great collection of anything you need for the fall. You can trust these brands to know exactly what a golfer needs and wants in their outerwear to feel less restricted while swinging, too.

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