To help take the stress out of holiday shopping, we’ve turned to our team to share their top gift ideas that the golfer in your life will enjoy.

Written by Ashley Neynens, Department Sales Manager (Softlines), Dartmouth Nova Scotia Golf Town

Our Holiday Gift Shop is officially open! The holidays are just around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift. Every golfer can use some new pieces added to their wardrobe. I am here to help you find the perfect apparel pieces that will suit the golfer in your life.

Lolë Piper Jacket

Not only does it share a name with my dog, but it also comes with a little pouch the jacket can fold perfectly into. Being an East Coaster, you can never guarantee what the weather might throw at you.
The Piper Jacket is light yet waterproof. Best part is, it comes in four colours!

ADIDAS Men’s Ultimate Pant

These tapered pants are super stylish and are a best seller here. Our staff have them in pretty much every colour! The light weight and dressy look of these make them great to wear to work and then to the course. We all have a pair of “go to” pants that are long overdue for replacement – these are the answer.

ADIDAS Women’s Full Length Pant

These pants are a wardrobe staple! With three colour options, they match all my outfits. These are by far the most comfortable pair of non-elastic waistband pants I have ever tried. They have enough pocket space that I can shove my glove and extra Martini Tees in so I don’t risk leaving them behind.

Penguin Printed Polos

From mini penguins to golf cart and flag prints, Penguin incorporates fun prints into all of their collections. The variety of colours in their polos make it easy to give as a gift because there is no way it can’t be matched with an existing wardrobe staple. These polos are exciting to unwrap – I can attest to this as I love unpacking the new collections each time they arrive in-store.

Puma PWRWARM Pom Beanie

Love the removable pompoms on these hats. The cold weather is not fun, but this hat makes going outside a little better. Available in three colours, I can collect all of them and mix up the pompoms to tailor it to work with any other colour I may be sporting.

NIKE Men’s Synthetic-Fill Reversible Vest

This black vest is perfect for the end of golf season into winter. I like that one side has more horizontal seams that give it a quilted puffy look and the other side has less seams giving it a plain vibe. Vests are a great piece to put over a long-sleeve shirt or sweater for cooler days.

Lolë Women’s Rose Vest

Come on! A vest with a hood that also packs into a pouch? It is the perfect vest. I love the down-filled hood on this vest, it is super warm and solves the problem of remembering a toque. Lolë is a socially responsible brand that allows you to use a unique serial number to track where they sourced the down from.


I have heard people rave about these underwear. From “magical underwear” to “I won’t wear anything else anymore”. These make the boring gift of underwear to one of the best gifts. These come in many solid colours and printed patterns – making it just as fun to pick them out for someone.


My favourite part about golf dresses is that you do not need to stress over finding something to match it. Just one item is a whole outfit! This also makes gifting a dress easier than picking out a whole ensemble. Tail dresses are my personal favourites they honestly look great on anyone that tries them on and they have a wide selection of patterns. We do carry Tail dresses at our Dartmouth location.

FOOTJOY Men’s Hydrolite Rain Jacket

Let’s face it, we get a lot of rain and it can easily ruin a round. I hate getting drenched and being forced back to the clubhouse. Every golfer wants reliable raingear that will get them through their round without getting wet. The HydroLite jacket has sealed seams that guarantee you will not get wet in a rain shower and stay comfortable and dry throughout all 18 holes.

Travis Mathew Holiday 

It is that time of year again… Holiday parties have commenced! Travis Mathew has gotten into the Holiday spirit and has created a line of  Holiday apparel. You can find most of this apparel in a location nearest you. Looking for a Holiday sweater? We carry them! Available, online only.

Golf Town Promotions

Associate your brand with style!

Golf Town Promotions offers corporate gifting that leave a lasting impression for those receiving gifts this year. Logo’d Golf Balls, Apparel, Tech, Drinkware, Home & Office. Everything from the FAIRWAYS to the HOLIDAYS, Golf Town Promotions has all your customization needs covered! There’s no better time to contact our team at Golf Town Promotions to embrace the season of corporate gifting.

See gifting ideas here.


Ashley Neynens has been with Golf Town for 8 years. Prior to working at Golf Town, she had never golfed. She says, “Being around such passionate co-workers I learned that hanging out with them meant learning to play golf. Thanks to them, and some very patient friends, I eventually learned the game.” The thing she loves the most about golfing is the amazing scenery from almost any tee box in Nova Scotia.

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