SkyTrak Provides Ultimate At-Home Simulator

Packed with all the tech and insight of a commercial launch monitors, SkyTrak delivers a realistic at-home golfing experience for those who are serious about their off-season improvement.

It’s likely this off-season won’t include frequent trips to the indoor driving range or the annual golf trip you were so desperately hoping would still take place. On the plus side, you may have some extra cash kicking around with all those travel refunds. If that’s the case, or you need to find the perfect gift for the golf nut on your holiday list, think about getting a SkyTrak launch monitor. The most accurate, most responsive, and most detailed at-home launch monitor on the market, SkyTrak uses the latest ball tracking technology to provide all the insight and detail you’d expect from a professional-grade simulator.

Detailed Delivery

SkyTrak’s superior technology means no detail of your shot goes unexamined, from launch angle to spin rate, carry distance and trajectory, every aspect of the ball flight receives instant feedback, allowing you to identify your weaknesses and focus on specific areas of your game that need improvement. These insights are made possible by SkyTrak’s photometric technology, a breakthrough photography system that uses high-speed imagery to gather granular details about each shot. Advanced algorithms process a series of images taken immediately after impact and extrapolate data based on changes to the ball’s angle, rotation, and distance, to produce an accurate trajectory that’s displayed on whichever device you’re connected with.

Not only does SkyTrak provide you information to practice smarter, its wireless setup and portability allow you to dial in your game wherever you go. Simply connect SkyTrak to your portable device, find a flat piece of ground to lay the monitor, and you’re ready to begin your next practice session.

To further optimize your practice experience, SkyTrak allows players to customize playing conditions, allowing you to get detailed shot feedback in a variety of settings. Wanting to work on hitting your irons beneath the wind? Just dial up the wind in your face and perfect that low stinger you’ve always wanted in your repertoire. The software also incorporates a multi-player element so you can practice and compete against your friends in a series of games and skills competitions.

Round It Out

 For those who want to maximize their setup and truly be the envy of their friend group, check out SkyTrak’s nets, mats and simulation packages. Although the launch monitor doesn’t require any specific mat or net to operate, hitting off realistic turf conditions will more accurately emulate real-world ball striking, so be sure to browse our Home Golf products to complete your at-home range.

Is it for me?

 Any and every golfer can benefit from knowing more about their swing, so there’s no “handicap” threshold one must meet to benefit from this technology. That said, those who know their swings well enough to make changes based on data insights will most benefit from all this simulator has to offer.

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3 thoughts on “SkyTrak Provides Ultimate At-Home Simulator”

  1. I am interested in setting up a complete Skytrack system in my garage. I don’t know too much about these but I would like one that comes with a screen you hit into that shows you all the info, and it would need to be retractable. Can you direct me to the system I should be looking at, and provide me any details you can on how it would work? EG: am I going to need a separate device (ipad, PC, etc) with this kind of system?