Layer up for an extended Canadian golf season

Golf isn’t played in a dome. There’s no roof to protect you from the wind and rain. At the same time, Canada has a shortened golf season, and you’re going to want to get as much out of the year as you can. Walking a course in the fall, with its incredible colours, can be some of the best golfing months, with cooler days perfect for walking the course and squeezing in those final rounds.

But you need to be prepared for whatever the forecast throws at you—from warm afternoons, to cooler temperatures and rain. Thankfully there are plenty of options that are perfect for making sure you’re comfortable playing, regardless of the forecast. The goal is to layer up—allowing you to add or subtract apparel depending on the conditions.


Choosing the right clothes for your round becomes more important, especially if you want to prolong your season. That means layering—thinking about more than just a polo and shorts, but a base layer to keep your core warm, and a jacket to keep you dry if the clouds roll in. Layering different types of materials ensures that you’ll be able to control your body temperature and gives you the ability to stay warm and dry if the weather turns during your round. Keeping your core and your head warm and dry are going to be key to enjoying your fall rounds.

Base Layer

A good base layer is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your body heat doesn’t escape—and it’ll keep you swinging well. A proper base layer will also be constructed of a moisture-wicking fabric—like merino wool or modern sports fabrics—so if you do start to sweat, you’ll stay cool and dry. The tight-fit nature of the base layer helps improve posture and even increase blood circulation. This layer may consist of simply a long-sleeved top, or for the coldest days, include bottoms as well. A great options include the adidas women’s Base Layer UPF30 Long Sleeve Top.

The Golf Layer

Just like a typical summer day on the golf course, a breathable golf shirt—made of polyester to be stretchable and breathable—is an important layer for cooler weather. Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved (and we love placing a long-sleeve compression shirt under a traditional polo) a flexible polo acts as a great second layer on top of your base, and allows you to tap into your existing wardrobe. In cooler conditions, a warmer golf layer might be required, such as the Under Armour Storm Windstrike 1/2 Zip Jacket.

The Thermal Layer

 Keeping you warm—but easy to take off if you get too hot—that’s the key to the thermal layer. Ideally, the thermal layer will be thin enough as to not restrict the golf swing. The women’s or men’s adidas’s Frostguard Full Zip Jacket is the ideal choice.

The Waterproof Layer

 If you’re playing golf in the fall, you’re probably going to run into the occasional bit of precipitation, making your waterproof layer the most important inclusion for your round. Today’s rain suits are simultaneously waterproof and breathable, so that you’ll stay dry inside and out. A number of great waterproof options such as the Sun Mountain Women’s Monsoon Rain Jacket or Galvin Green’s Men’s Archie GORE-TEX Rain Jacket are available.


 An often-overlooked necessity when playing in adverse conditions is waterproof footwear, because there is nothing worse than playing golf in wet socks.

The best waterproof footwear uses GoreTex throughout their construction, ensuring that your feet stay warm and dry. The best options include the Spieth 4 GTX Spiked Golf Shoe, or the Ecco Goretex Biom Hybrid 3, which are available in both men’s and women’s styles.

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