How Getting Custom Fit For Your Irons Will Show Immediate Benefits

Many people will get fit for their new driver. It is understandable. Who doesn’t love to hit a great bomb down the middle? But truthfully, you’ll likely use your driver at most 14 times a round. Your irons, on the other hand, are the great equalizer. You’ll use them to hit approaches, and to make swings into par 3s. You’ll use them to chip out when you need to recover from a bad drive.

There are plenty of good reasons to get your irons fit correctly regardless of your skill level, all players can see improvements in their scores from a fitting.

Here are the key reasons and tips to getting fit for irons with one of our 170 Certified Master Club Fitters across the country.

Plan ahead

An iron fitting will typically take about an hour. Our staff will look at every element—your lie, loft, length, grip type. These are all elements that go into a successful fitting.

Start with what you have

Be sure to bring in your existing set of irons. Our fitting staff will want to know what you’ve been using and see you make a few swings with them. It’ll help them create a baseline and allow you to more clearly see the benefits of new irons. This will also give the fitter a sense of how you play.

Prepare in advance

It is great if you can come into one of our stores ahead of your fitting and spend some time demoing a few sets of irons. This will give you a sense of what you might like and help narrow your focus. We also recommend players put in a little practice before getting fit for irons. After all, if you haven’t swung a club in four months, which isn’t uncommon in Canada’s off-season, you’re going to want to put in a little practice ahead of your fitting to groove your swing.

Do you play a specific brand?

Many players like a specific brand. They only play, for instance, TaylorMade drivers, or have become accustomed to their Titleist irons. Our expert fitters will likely ask if you have a brand preference, but to get the full benefit out of an iron fitting, coming in without a specific brand in mind might help yield better results. Our fitting staff are attuned to what new clubs are in the market and might best fit your game.

Indoor fittings are the great equalizer

At Golf Town we use the latest in camera technology to track your shots and see what the club is doing on every shot. The other key is an indoor setting is neutral—you’re not fighting the temperature or a cross wind or wet turf from the rain the night previous.

Consider your wedges

Your set no longer stops with your pitching wedge. To get the appropriate set for your game, you’ll need to consider gapping between your pitching wedge and your scoring irons (gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge). As manufacturers create irons where the PW or 9-iron flies farther than ever, making sure you don’t have a gap in yardages is a key factor. Your fitter will want to know how far you hit your wedges and factor that into your overall set makeup.

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6 thoughts on “How Getting Custom Fit For Your Irons Will Show Immediate Benefits”

    1. Hi Gary, although you can make slight adjustments to your existing clubs, our Master Club Fitters are limited in the amount of change that they can assist with. A custom fitting takes place prior to placing the order for the clubs so the vendor can have them specifically made to your exact specs!

  1. Hello I bought a whole set of Callaway Mavrik clubs last year and I would like to get them fitted at Golf town in Edmonton is this possible

    1. Hi Dave! Our Master Club Fitters are limited in what they can adjust to previously purchased clubs. We recommend calling the Edmonton location nearest to you and speaking with our team directly to see if they can assist in making any fitting adjustments!

  2. I have recently had a fitting at North Edmonton 523 Golf Town store with Dillon. I cannot say enough how professional he was as well as the staff at the store. Although I am from Calgary, I would recommend going to this store for a fitting. I purchased a full set of Ping G430 clubs and am looking forward to playing with them this season. The master fitter took time and accessed my swing etc. to make sure I had the right fit!
    This is what I expected in a club fitting! Great job!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Donald! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your Custom Fitting experience!