Therabody Game-Changers

You’re standing on the first tee ready to get your round off to a hot start, but unsurprisingly, your body isn’t as raring to go. Consider Therabody as an option to get your muscles moving.

Your back is tight, your neck is stiff, and your hips feel rigid, and you’re left conceding it’ll take a few holes to get loose. This unfortunate first tee scenario is all too familiar, but does it have to be?

Used by top tour professionals, including 23-year-old superstar Collin Morikawa, Therabody’s line of massagers, Theraguns, provide fast and effective muscle relief so you can swing your best all round long. Whether you’re heading to the course, or coming back from the gym, these massagers are the perfect exercise companion to keep your muscles as active as you are.

How does it work?

The massage gun delivers rapid, pulsating pressure to areas of the body needing sustained tissue relief. This type of treatment is more formally known as percussive therapy—a modern massage technique that utilizes high-powered handheld massagers to penetrate deep into the muscle for localized treatment. The high intensity massager works to increase blood flow to targeted areas, which in turn alleviates muscle inflammation and reduces stiffness. Therabody’s massagers are intended for pre and post-workout use, as they loosen and warm muscles for activity and also help expedite the body’s recovery process.

Theragun PRO

The most powerful and technologically advanced Theragun, the PRO model is part masseuse, part computer. Equipped with an OLED screen, Bluetooth connectivity and app-guided recovery routines that are personalized to individual needs, the PRO is like having your very own on-call massage therapist. Built using an ultra-quiet motor that delivers 60 lbs of pressure, the PRO provides ultimate relief for those seeking professional-grade treatment. Six attachable heads each provide distinct shapes and firmness levels for various tissue and joint sensitivities, while the adjustable arm allows you to target those hard to reach areas. Two interchangeable batteries each provide 150 minutes of charge for uninterrupted treatment. If you’re looking for the ultimate massage gun, you’ve found it in the Theragun PRO.

Thereagun Elite

Sleek, quiet and effective, the Elite model delivers a trimmed down version of the PRO, but is still equipped with many of the same features, such as an OLED screen, app functionality and pre-set routines, Bluetooth connectivity and QuietForce Technology. Equipped with five attachment heads that are ergonomically designed to treat specific areas of the body, a two-hour battery life, and 40 lbs of continuous force, the Elite model delivers sustained relief to those seeking a lasting solution.

Theragun Prime

A combination of practicality and power, the Prime model is great for everyday use. It’s ultra-quiet yet powerful engine produces 30 lbs of force to soften deep tissue and improve blood circulation. Like the Elite and the Pro, the Prime also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync with Therabody’s app for guided, pre-set treatments. Simpler, yet just as smart, the Theragun Prime bridges the gap between the Mini and Elite model.

Theragun Mini

Put it in your golf bag, purse, or briefcase, the Theragun Mini provides relief and recovery on the go. Ideal for when you’re travelling or at the office, the mighty Mini packs an effective punch of force bundled into a conveniently small package.

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