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The next generation of SIM MAX and SIM MAX OS irons prove TaylorMade has no plans to rest on its laurels. Improved tech and subtle refinements make these latest models worth a closer look heading into the season.

SIM2 is available now in-store and online. Here’s everything you need to know about TaylorMade’s iron lineup.

TaylorMade’s SIM line (standing for Shape In Motion) made headlines in 2020, with a complete set of drivers, metals, and irons that went through a major redesign that provided extraordinary results. SIM is back in 2021, with a freshly reimagined SIM2 MAX and SIM2 MAX OS iron. Building on the tremendous success of last year’s models, TaylorMade didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they aimed to leverage their tried and tested technologies in a pursuit to make both irons better versions of themselves—Yes, this sounds like a New Year’s resolution.

“Ultimately, it’s the technology that’s built into SIM2 MAX and Max OS in the Speedbridge and the ECHO Damping System giving players more distance with better feel—that’s really the key,” says Matt Bovee, Senior Manager of Product Creation, voicing some of the key concepts TaylorMade’s improved upon.


The overall shape of the iron is similar to that of its forebearer, but not exactly, and has lots of new tech. What’s changed and what’s remained? Let’s break it down piece by piece.

Putting a Face to the Name

New in 2021, TaylorMade has employed an ultra-thin face. The thinner face provides extreme elasticity at impact, as well as optimal energy return for faster ball speeds. Think of the clubface as being a slingshot—the more you’re able to stretch the bands the faster the projectile will travel. The same physics can be applied to the SIM2 MAX stainless steel 450 face. Looking to launch it this season? Look no further.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

Yet again, after rave reviews, TaylorMade has implemented their patented Speed Pocket technology. Running along the sole of the club, this recessed curve delivers more of what golfers want—speed and forgiveness. The Speed Pocket, combined with a super thin stainless steel face, delivers a powerful one-two punch for improved distance and forgiveness.

Cap Back Design

SpeedBridge was utilized effectively in the original SIM Max iron, but this time they’ve taken it a lot further. By expanding the SpeedBridge across the entirety of the topline, TaylorMade sought to introduce a completely new orientation to the back of the club.

That’s why they developed their Cap Back design. Instead of using steel, they’ve opted to insert a polymer cap at the back of the iron that’s 7.5 times lighter. In doing so, the design reduces SIM2 MAX’s overall weight, improves CG for higher trajectories, and stabilizes the clubhead at impact. To improve overall sound and feel, TaylorMade used a special adhesive during the construction process that dulls unwanted vibration—yes, they’ve taken into account the glue. Lastly, the Cap Back design doesn’t actually bond anything to the face’s impact zone, creating a hollow pocket for more flex at impact.

Echo Dampening

 You may be a 15 handicap, but that doesn’t mean you have to play irons that don’t sound sensational. TaylorMade recognizes that sound and feel are the sort of intangible, unquantifiable qualities golfers desire. So they made it their priority to deliver a velvety iron. The SIM2 MAX is unabashedly a game-improvement iron, but you wouldn’t know by hearing it on the range—they sound and feel like a tour-preferred set.

Inverted Cone Tech

 Simply put, TaylorMade uniquely designed each iron to promote a straighter ball flight and alleviate the right miss that so many golfers face, especially with their longer irons.

SIM2 MAX is available in 4-W, with gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge.

Shafts: KBS Max MT steel shaft or Fujikura Ventus; Ladies; Aldila NV

Is it for me?

 The SIM2 MAX is designed to benefit those in the mid to high-handicap range. It’s not a super game-improvement, lending itself to a leaner profile, but still has enough real estate on the face to help the average weekend warrior.

SIM2 MAX OS—Bigger is Better

In a glance you’ll know the SIM2 MAX OS is the big boy of the two new releases. It’s larger than last year’s MAX OS, but doesn’t come across as behemoth—just rather meaty. The key to the SIM2 MAX OS is to provide serious game-improvement technologies to help golfers who need it most, all the while delivering it in an aesthetically pleasing profile.

Wide Sole

 For excellent turf interaction and a smooth feel at impact, TaylorMade’s given the MAX OS a super wide sole that induces confidence at address—something every golfer could use more of.


 Just like its leaner SIM2 MAX counterpart, MAX OS also provides a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to provide stability at impact and greater face flexibility for improved ball speed. If you find yourself worm-burning it down the fairway, this piece of key tech will surely help get it airborne.

Cap Back Design

 Again, leveraging the Cap Back Design is a central component to MAX OS. Spanning across the back of the iron, the Cap Back Design allows for a soft sound and higher launches, equalling effortless distance on a consistent basis.

Thin It Out

 The only “thin” thing about this club is its face, which is super lean to provide more flexibility, resulting in the same sort of sling-shot launch that SIM2 MAX also provides. A hot face, coupled with an over-sized head that simply can’t be missed, the MAX OS is the clear choice for those who really need all the improvement they can get.

Is it for me?

 If the game of golf is getting progressively more difficult, it may be time to invest in some equipment that lightens the load. Plainly put, the SIM2 MAX OS is a super game-improvement iron for those whose games need super improvement.

To learn more about the TaylorMade SIM2 lineup of clubs, read more about the fairway woods & hybrids as well as the drivers.

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