SIM2 Fairways and Hybrids—More forgiving with improved launch conditions

“In the world of golf club engineering, we fight for millimeters because those small changes can lead to big results,” says TaylorMade’s Tomo Bystedt, who heads up the company’s driver and fairway wood development. In a world of nuances, TaylorMade has created a more forgiving fairway wood with better launch conditions.

SIM2 is available now in-store and online. Here’s everything you need to know about TaylorMade’s metal wood lineup.

More forgiving—V Steel was brought back for the original SIM fairways, and it returns. But adjustments to the fairways allow for improved weight distribution and exacting center of gravity, offering more forgiveness and better launch properties. Twist Face is found in the fairways as well.

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SIM2 Titanium

More compact, the SIM2 features a 170 cubic centimeter head for a tour-inspired look at address. The carbon construction found in the driver, with the ZATECH titanium head, and an 80-gram sole weight offers low CG and is 5% more forgiving than the last generation of SIM fairways.

SIM2 Max

More forgiving, with a larger face, the SIM2 Max also features the reworked V Steel for exceptional versatility from all lies, and a refined weighting designed for forgiveness, higher launch and peak trajectories.

SIM2 Max D

The draw bias version, this fairway has been optimized for forgiveness with the largest face and head of the line of fairways.

SIM2 & SIM2 Max Rescues

SIM2 was the hybrid Rory McIlroy finally put in his bag after never having used a hybrid previously. The company considered this a significant breakthrough and it is a testament to the technology. Two players—McIlroy and Dustin Johnson—offered significant input into the latest SIM hybrid.

The SIM2 offers a sleek appearance that feels like a transition between the iron and the fairway woods. The compact shape also offers versatility for players who want a flight more like an iron.

Leading edge design—with a new sole geometry and center of gravity designed for forgiveness, TaylorMade says this version of the Rescue offers the distance of a game improvement club without losing precision.

Is it for you?

SIM2 Max offers increased forgiveness, and its C300 steel face delivers a powerful ball flight, with optimization through Twist Face. It is the Rescue for those seeking a little bit more forgiveness and a higher ball flight.

SIM2 offers a flatter ball flight and is aimed at the golfer who is seeking to have a bridge between longer irons and fairway woods.

To learn more about the TaylorMade SIM2 lineup of clubs, read more about the drivers as well as the irons.

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