PING introduces Sigma 2 putter with adjustable-length shaft

Softer feeling using multi-layer face technology, PING has launched its Sigma 2 putter series, with 10 different options, and a new adjustable-length shaft designed to fix the problem of golfers using putters with shafts that aren’t right for their stroke.

PING feels a lot of golfers (their stats show almost 80%) aren’t using the correct shaft length in their putters, and have created an adjustable shaft to customize the length between 32 and 36 inches at quarter-inch intervals, allowing the club to be fit for stroke and posture. The shaft is USGA-conforming, and is one of the most interesting elements of an exciting putter launch for PING.

Key Technologies

Dual-Durometer Face

The soft and responsive face is a key for Sigma 2 putters, which is the result of the use of a PEBAX material. By crafting a face that is soft on short putts, but has a firmer back to allow for longer putts, PING says feedback and distance control is improved.

Adjustable-length Shaft

As mentioned, this is unique to PING, and the company says eight of 10 golfers are using the wrong shaft. By working with a club fitter or putting instructor, you can really dial in the right shaft length using this option, which has been approved by the United States Golf Association.

Grip options

PING is offering three proprietary grip designs, with different weighted grips in different sizes depending on your putting stroke.



The putter PING is most recognized for, it is the winningest model in PGA Tour history and the blade design and medium head weight make this putter proficient from any distance.

ZB 2

PING’s ZB putter with a modern spin, the deeper center cavity and heel-toe weighting make this putter more than 25% more forgiving than the previous model. The heel-shafted weighting is engineered to fit players with more rotation in their stroke and those who have a tendency to pull the ball.


Inspired by the Anser, this is a mid-mallet with a flow-style hosel, this is perfect for golfers with rotation in their putting stroke.

Kushin C

This center-shafted model appears very stable at address, and is face-balanced, making it ideal for players with little rotation in their putting stroke.


Noted for its center hole that is the size of a golf ball, this high MOI putter is an entirely new design for PING. The face-balanced design works well for players who have little rotation in their stroke or a tendency to push putts.


Popular for its stability and easy alignment, the Tyne can be custom built as face-balanced or mid-hang to be optimized for straight or slight-arc stroke types.

Tyne 4

Once again, PING is promoting the ease of alignment on this heel-shafted model, and the short hosel offers a distinctive look at address. The Tyne 4 is suited for golfers with more rotation in their stroke or a pull tendency.

Wolverine H

Angular in shape, this mid-hang balanced putter provides a very high moment of inertia for extreme forgiveness, especially on shorter putts and works for a variety of putting strokes.


A new very forgiving model, this mallet features a uniquely designed heel-toe profile that contributes that makes it very stable and easy to align. The Valor can be custom-built as either a face-balanced or mid-hang design to be optimized for golfers with almost any stroke type.

Who’s are these for?

The adjustable length makes the putter lineup work for a wide variety of golfers. Few putting strokes are alike, and through custom fitting, shaft length is often adjusted. But it isn’t common for golfers to get fit for putters, so the adjustable length opens PING’s Sigma 2 line up to practically every golfer—it is that comprehensive.

PING Sigma 2 putters are available now in Golf Town stores and at

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