Mizuno refines JPX921 by merging forged feel, with powerful length

Mizuno is renowned for the beauty of its irons—both in look and in the way they feel. That’s still the case with the refresh of its JPX line, which will be available both in stores and online beginning  Thursday, September 17. The new line features a forged version, as well as evolutionary changes to the Hot Metal offering. We break down the different offerings from the JPX921 line and how they can fit your game.

JPX921 Forged

Mizuno’s silky-smooth irons are renowned for their forging, which makes the company’s blades in such demand across professional tours around the world. Mizuno is now taking its Chromoly 4140M steel and bringing it into the forging process, creating the best of both worlds—an iron with a soft feel, but with the power and distance one expects from the JPX line. No one is cranking the lofts on these beauties—instead you get a forged iron that offers the length that rivals any company’s irons in the space. The result of using Chromoly and forging is the fastest forged iron Mizuno has created.

Of course, you get what you’d expect from Mizuno—an elegant iron with a shorter blade profile and little offset, something you’d not expect given the resulting length of your approaches.

Are they for you?

Do you want your iron strikes to feel like butter, but don’t want to give up the yardage you’ve gained through alternatives (hollow body irons, for example)? These are irons you are going to want to consider, as the JPX921 offers a forged feel without the loss of distance.

JPX921 Tour

The previous version of JPX’s tour irons were used to win major championships, often by players who weren’t under contract to play them. The new version continues the expected precision expected from Mizuno, with enough stability from off-center strikes.

But who are we kidding—these are aimed at the best players, or those who aspire to be counted among them. Forged from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel, the JPX921 Tour provides the tour feel one would expect, while the stability frame provides the toe bias weighting that promotes a straighter, more consistent flight.

Are they for you?

Do you have your heart set on winning the British Open? If so, consider these. If not, you might find the other offerings more helpful to your game.

JPX921 Hot Metal & Hot Metal Pro

Fast ball speeds, and great aesthetics are a key for the third-generation of the JPX Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro line. Offering a “piercingly” straight flight on shots without flying too high, Mizuno uses a complex face geometry to provide great ball speeds. However, the clubhead is still compact enough to appeal to the most discerning golfer.

The face on the JPX921 version is .2 mm thinner across the center, creating even faster ball speeds, while the seamless cup face allows for greater flex and generates more energy. Sound is also key—and three sound ribs produce a more solid sensation at impact and a great sound.

Are they for you?

This is a great option for the golfer who wants the look and feel offered by Mizuno, but may need some help with distance and forgiveness. Certainly worth considering for anyone pondering hollow body options from other vendors.

JPX921 Special Edition Leftie

For Canadian left-handers, Mizuno has created its first leftie tour irons in four years. A combo set of the JPX921 forged and Tour, this is a great option for better golfers.

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3 thoughts on “Mizuno refines JPX921 by merging forged feel, with powerful length”

  1. I don’t see lefty SEL set on your website, will they be available? Another question, I might consider buying 2 irons individually, can it be done?


    1. Hello, Thank you for reaching out. SEL were delayed but will be coming to our stores in the coming weeks. Yes, this can be done via an instore special order.