Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs

Lightweight Big Bertha lineup aimed at increasing confidence in golfers

Two words almost every golfer immediately recognizes—Big Bertha.

Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs

That’s right, Callaway’s Big Bertha line has returned. Created for players seeking more forgiveness and the ability to get the ball in the air easier, the Big Bertha line includes everything from driver to irons.

Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs Driver

With a low center of gravity that’s shifted forward in the clubhead, the Big Bertha driver is designed to help players who battle a slice. The low and forward CG helps reduce spin that leads to a slice, while engineers put weight into the heel to promote a draw.

Key technologies

Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs Driver

Big sweet spot

The XL face offers a large sweet spot, and Callaway continues to use artificial intelligence to optimize speed across the surface.

New lightweight Jailbreak

Jailbreak has been a key technology for Callaway for several years, creating stability and increasing ball speeds. It is found in the Big Bertha driver in a new lightweight system.

Head shape

The player’s perception of the head of a driver creates confidence. In this case, the head profile is stretched, creating the impression of a forgiving clubhead.

Carbon Crown

With a triaxial carbon crown and lightweight components, Big Bertha is lightweight to support faster swing speeds.

Is it for me?

If you slice the ball and are looking for a driver with an iconic history that promotes a faster swing speed, you’ll need to consider Callaway’s Big Bertha.


Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs Irons

The goal of the Big Bertha lineup is to create forgiving clubs that inspire confidence. You’ll find exactly that in the irons, which are created to deliver easy distance, even on off-center strikes.

Key technologies

Improve launch conditions

Tungsten weighting, 11 grams in all, is used to improve forgiveness, while 43 grams of internal tungsten is positioned for higher launch in long irons and easy control in shorter irons.

Artificial intelligence designed Face Cup

Callaway engineers have utilized AI to create a high-strength face cup to optimize speed and spin across the face. Each head features a unique pattern to enhance performance.


The classic Big Bertha shape has been refined to give you confidence when you’re about to hit an important shot. The irons have a thicker topline and wider soles, as well as longer blades and more offset to generate straight ball flight, especially for those used to slicing.


Using lightweight components, Big Bertha irons support faster swing speeds.

Black Smoke finish

The black finish is darn sexy and looks very premium.


Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs Hybrid

Golfers seeking more forgiveness are likely to pass on long irons and seek out hybrids that create higher, straighter launch conditions. That’s exactly what Big Bertha hybrids offer—enhanced offset to limit your slice, so shots fly far and incredibly straight.

Key technologies

Bertha Shape

Designed to inspire confidence, the head is larger and feels easier to hit. It is also designed to limit slicing for those who cut across the ball.

Precision Tungsten Weighting

Callaway has positioned tungsten internally to deliver forgiveness and launch the ball high, whether from the fairway or the tee.


The components in the hybrid promote hitting the ball high in the air while an adjustable hosel provides the ability to optimize trajectory.

Jailbreak with Batwing Technology

Using AI, the face on these hybrids flexes for great ball speed, while the Face Cup technology optimizes spin and speed.

Fairwood Woods

Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs Fairway Wood

Developed in a shape designed to be perceived as forgiving by the player, these fairway woods are lightweight and aimed at golfers seeking to limit a slice. Similar to other clubs in the line, they launch easily, and create fast golf speeds given their lightweight format.

Easy launch

The shape, with their oversize profile and shallow face, inspire confidence and offer high launch conditions. The fairway woods also use progressively shorter shaft lengths to promote consistent contact for improved launch and carry distance.

Jailbreak with Batwing Technology

This offers stability, and allows the face to flex for great ball speeds.


Like all of the clubs in this line, you’ll find the fairway woods, with its triaxial carbon crown and lightweight components, easy to swing, while adjustability on the 3 and 5-woods help players dial in their specs.

Is it for me?

If you’re a golfer swinging under 90 miles per hour—and that’s a lot of us—and you have the tendency to slice, consider doing a fitting for Big Bertha fairway woods.

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