Callaway’s Reva-lution in Women’s Golf

Created for women golfers who seek the same level of performance found throughout Callaway’s extensive equipment offerings, REVA brings forth a new brand of women’s clubs unlike any on the market. The new REVA line of clubs are available for pre-order today in store or online. With any pre-order on REVA clubs, you are entered to win a one-on-one virtual golf clinic with Lisa Longball and three of your closest friends.

Made by women, for women, to inspire women. That’s Reva. A brand that is more than just a brand, Callaway’s Reva movement seeks to develop a female-focused golfing community. The first release under the new Reva name is the Big Bertha collection, aimed at bringing women a family of clubs designed specifically for their games.

“The women’s market is the fastest growing category in the market,” says Dave Neville, Callaway’s Senior Director of Brand Management. “We wanted to address this market and we felt like there wasn’t a company out there looking to create more than just a product line, but a community around women’s golf,” Neville explains. Reva is more than just a brand or a product line—it’s the start of what Callaway’s hopes will be an everlasting female-driven movement within golf.

In fact, the inspiration for Reva came from within the company itself, as women working at Callaway sought to develop a distinctive, stand-alone brand—not something that was just another “female version” of men’s clubs. “We’ve done a fair amount of work in women’s product, but we didn’t have the focus on that category that we could have had in recent times,” explains Dr. Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s Senior VP of Research and Development. Callaway is determined to refocus their attention on this segment of the market and deliver a product quality that goes toe-to-toe with men’s equipment. So, how’d they go about developing Reva? By asking women what they needed to better their games. After extensive research, which included input from thousands of players, the Reva brand was formed. And although Big Bertha is the first release under the Reva banner, we can expect further equipment releases donning the name. Reva-Mavrik, perhaps? That sounds pretty cool.

Reva Great Big Bertha

The inaugural Reva release comes under the Big Bertha name—one of Callaway’s most famous lineups. Utilizing the latest technologies, Big Bertha Reva helps women who are seeking to develop their games and need assistance in getting the ball airborne. “These are the easiest clubs to launch in the whole Callaway brand,” says Hocknell. Reva Big Bertha’s easy-launch engineering features are further complimented by a super forgiving design, demonstrated throughout the entire lineup, which includes driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. “One of the main takeaways from our research was that women wanted all the best technologies, but they wanted it to be tweaked for the women’s game, and that’s what we’re doing with this product line,” says Neville.

Reva Big Bertha Metal Woods

 Utilizing much of the same technologies found in the Big Bertha B21, including Jailbreak and Flash Face SS21, the Reva Big Bertha is designed to help women hit their driver and second shots consistently pure and far. The TC2 Triaxial carbon crown helps to more efficiently disperse weight throughout the clubhead, improving MOI and forgiveness, while the club’s lightweight RCH 40 shaft promotes faster swing speeds. To help reduce slicing, the driver is designed with a draw-bias, helping the clubface get back to square at impact.

Key Tech
Flash Face SS21

With the help of AI, Callaway’s Flash Face SS21 is forgiving and fast, the perfect combination to hit it longer and straighter.


Two bars connect the top and sole of the club, helping to strengthen the clubhead at impact for faster ball speed.

Titanium Strong

Lightweight titanium construction makes for a stronger clubhead that is faster and easier to swing.

Is it for me?

For women who are just getting into the game, or those who are struggling to get the ball airborne both off the tee and their second shots, these metal woods are made for you. Consistently fast and unrelentingly forgiving, you’ll be hitting approach shots further down the fairway with this in the bag.

Reva Big Bertha Irons

Delightfully easy to hit, the Reva Big Bertha irons are engineered for women who are either developing their skills, or just want to play a more forgiving iron. Packed with the latest tech, including AI-inspired Flash Face SS21 and a Visible Tungsten Energy Core for an optimal CG, these irons deliver the goods on all fronts. The irons soft edges provide ideal turf interaction to reduce chunking, while the oversized clubhead induces confidence at address. From grip to sole, this iron set is a completely original product—one that is poised to make a big splash in the women’s equipment market.

Key Tech
Total Tungsten

Tungsten weighting increases MOI, translating to higher launches, longer shots and a more forgiving feel

Confident by Design

Oversized, with gentle lines and a wide sole, allow these irons to be hit with ease. When standing over the ball you’ll feel total confidence knowing these were designed just for you.

Urethane Microspheres

The clubhead is filled with urathene microspheres to reduce unwanted vibration for a consistently great feel.

Is it for me?

Just starting out? Or maybe you just need something a little more forgiving on the fairways. Either way, you’re going to like the combination of forgiveness and distance these irons provide.

Lisa Longball is back!

Lisa Longball went live for special fall golf virtual clinic providing tips to help you play your best during the colder months + learn how you could win a Callaway Big Bertha REVA driver & more


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  1. 3 weeks ago i made an appt with your salesperson to try out the 2021 new clubs..i am currently using my second set of callaways..epic flash and big bertha irons..i have not heard from him since..i am interested in buying the new set of driver ..fairways 5 and 7 and irons..i would appreciate a

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Great informative video. The new Big Bertha Reva sounds perfect for this senior veteran golfer. Will definitely look up the other videos you mentioned.

    You have a new fan!

    Thank you, Delores