Callaway’s latest lineup of irons provides something special for every player

Whether you’re looking for something off the tee, or want to introduce an entire new set to your bag, Callaway’s Apex MB, X Forged CB and X Forged UT irons deliver the latest in distance, forgiveness and feel—a performance trifecta every golfer can appreciate.

Apex MB Irons

With a sleek aesthetic that catches the eye, these muscle back irons not only look wonderful, they also play that way. Designed for lower handicap players who want effortless distance and towering trajectories, without sacrificing their ability to shape shots, Callaway’s Apex MB irons seamlessly combine the latest technical advancements with a timeless look.

Key Specs
Sleek Look

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’re confident that these irons will have every set of eyes in agreement. Callaway’s Apex MB look fantastic, plain and simple. With a chrome finish, clean topline and shortened blade length, these beauties will have you feeling confident at address.





Positional weighting for improved CG allows for higher, more forgiving launch angles.


Fresh Face

The new 20V grooves provide more of what every golfer seeks on the course—control. Shape shots and dial in your approaches with this exceptionally versatile face.

Are they for you?

Like many of the irons in Callaway’s new launch, these are player’s irons, designed for a low-handicap golfer who is very discerning. If that’s you, check them out. But if you’re a 10-handicap, there might be better options.

X Forged CB

Using an innovative multi-material construction process that includes a buttery 1025 mild carbon steel body, Callaway’s X Forged CB irons provide premium performance features that will most benefit low handicap players. By incorporating the latest technologies for a more forgiving face, and strategically placing weight throughout the club head for improved feel, the new X Forged CB delivers a look and consistency worthy of being played by the game’s best.

Key Specs
Shapin’ It

A trimmed topline that’s complimented by a subtle offset provides easy workability around the golf course. Whether it’s a high draw or a low cut, these irons can execute the perfect approach.

Flawless Face

Callaway’s implemented their Tour Tuned Face Plate for consistent speed and spin rates across the entire impact zone.

Construction Confidence

Unlike most forged irons, Apex Forged CB use a multi-material construction. Why break from tradition? Because the status quo isn’t something Callaway seeks to achieve—it’s what the company wants to break away from. The construction process and weighting system provides a remarkable CG to promote greater control in a variety of conditions.

Soft feel

Sweet sounding and soft feeling—that’s what you can expect shot after shot with these silky irons.

Are they for you

These are incredible looking irons with a lot of tech in them. With a more forgiving face, these will appeal to a broader group of golfers who value aesthetics and feel over distance.

X Forged UT iron

Finding fairways has never been easier than with Callaway’s latest utility iron, X Forged UT. Engineered for all-around forgiveness that allows long and straight ball flights—even with a less than perfect strike—this breakthrough iron will have you playing from the short grass and taking on par-5s in two. Made with a hollow body construction that uses superiorly soft 1025 mild carbon steel, and an AI-engineered Flash Face, X Forged UT promotes high launch angles for longer carries and gentle, receptive landings.

Key Specs
Performance Shafts

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black HY shaft offers low torque to allow faster swing speeds to take full advantage.

Stay in Consistent Control

The X Forged UT’s generously sized sole and elongated blade provides excellent turf interaction and a larger face for greater consistency, while its tungsten weighting promotes optimal launch trajectories.

Definitive Distance

With a hotter, AI-inspired Flash Face, the X Forged UT delivers faster ball speeds that translate to longer carries and more distance.

Is it for you?

Utility irons are becoming increasingly popular for those who just never clicked with hybrids. With a great forged feel, but super-easy to hit, these should be in the consideration set for anyone thinking about purchasing a hybrid.

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