At-Home Training: Keeping your game sharp year round

You can’t control the weather, but with these at-home golf products you’re able to keep golfing all year-round. From at-home launch monitors to putting mats, training aids and more, here’s some of the best equipment to satisfy your golf needs year round.

The season may be coming to a close, however, that doesn’t mean your golf club’s need to go to storage just yet. The off-season is a great time to continue to improve your game in the comfort of your own home. And with no courses to play, and nowhere to travel to, you’ll probably be at home more than ever before. In that case, why not turn your home into your very own clubhouse and buy some of the latest gear to keep you hitting it pure.

Putting Mats

 Beat your winter blues with an awesome indoor green. Whether you’re having a friendly competition, or are grinding over five-footers in your living room, the latest putting mats are perfect for golfers who want to work on their flat stick. Unlike mats from bygone days, these innovative products provide an assortment of realistic features, including slope, sightlines, and measurement markings. Don’t get back to the course in the spring starting from scratch, instead be ready to read it and roll it from the outset. If you’re looking for something more technical, PuttOut is a company with an extensive catalogue of training-focused mats. For something a little more recreational, try PutterBall, which combines the game corn hole with a putting element. Lastly, GolfTec’s unique two speed mat allows you to putt from either end to dial in your pace.

Training Aids

 You may not have a driving range to head to, but if you’re wanting to improve your consistency over the off-season, you’ll want to take a look at some of our swing aids. Ideal for those who want to stay sharp throughout the winter, the latest training aids help maintain your swing and prevent bad technical habits while you’re away from the course. JEF World of Golf’s adjustable weighted swing aid simulates the weight and feel of hitting a variety of clubs, from driver through irons, which helps exercise key muscle groups throughout the off-season.

If you’re hoping to add some distance to your game, SuperSpeed Golf’s men’s, women’s and junior swing aids could be your answer. These weighted training sticks are accompanied with online training videos to help you develop swing techniques for more speed. On the other end of the spectrum, try honing your putting stroke with GolfTec’s Track Stroke aid, which provides an immediate visual cue on every stroke.



Nets and Simulators

For those of us who want the real sensation of flushing a golf shot, look no further than our at-home simulators and golf net offerings. Perfect to setup in the garage or have in the backyard on those mild days, these products are the next best thing to heading out to the course or driving range. If you’re just hoping to get some swings in over the winter and maintain that consistent feel you’ve developed during the season, check out JEF World of Golf, whose easy-to-assemble nets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re in the market for something more serious and maybe have a few extra bucks kicking around with no vacation plans this winter, why not go for the gusto and be the envy of your friends with Sky Traks’ in-home simulator. Delivering an accurate 3D trajectory, as well as providing spin rates, ball speed and launch angle on every shot, you’ll receive valuable insights into your game without leaving the house. You may not be heading on your annual golf trip this year, but you can still tee it up with this state-of-the-art simulator.

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