A Familiar Face Gets Reinvented

Cleveland’s new RTX ZipCore wedge delivers a classic aesthetic—but don’t be fooled by the traditional look, this wedge is at the forefront of technological advancement. The RTX ZipCore wedge are available now both in store and online.

Golfers of all skill levels can admire wedges that utilize a traditional aesthetic—there’s just something about a clean finish and a trimmed topline that induces confidence at address. Cleveland recognizes this visual appeal, and for decades has been designing wedges that combine a delightfully simple aesthetic with cutting edge technologies. The company’s latest iteration to leverage this winning formula is their RTX ZipCore—a wedge that is reengineered for controlled trajectories, precise approaches and free-flowing confidence.

What’s New?

Designed using a low-density core, the RTX ZipCore provides a lower centre of gravity than previous models, leading to a higher MOI to generate greater forgiveness and distance control on each shot. In other words, Cleveland’s engineers have sweetened the sweet spot to new syrupy heights, providing golfers with generous forgiveness and unparalleled feel with every shot type. When you add it all up what you get is the most technologically advanced wedge Cleveland has ever produced.

Getting Groovy

Although many of the RTX ZipCore’s new features hide behind its traditional looks, the wedge’s groove system is one component that can be admired by the naked eye. Cleveland’s UtiZip technology delivers cutting, incisive grooves that are 11% sharper and over 7% deeper than previous models, giving amateurs the ability to spin it back like the pros. Whether on the fairway or nestled deep in the thick stuff, these ultra-sharp, densely packed grooves grip more of the ball’s surface for greater consistency at impact.

Made to Last

When you experience a wedge this good, you’re going to want to play it often and for a long time. Not to worry, Cleveland has implemented a new heat treatment during the construction process for greater durability, longevity and ultimate performance round after round.

Is it for me?

These wedges are available in a variety of sole grinds and lofts, so you’ll be able to find the right mix depending on your individual preferences. On the skill side of things, this wedge lends itself to lower handicap players, mid-teens to single digits, who can most benefit from its high MOI and enhanced spin rates. But that’s not to say they can’t help the 20+ handicap improve, after all, with the expanded sweet spot you don’t need to be striking the center of the face to get the buttery feel Tour pros and amateurs alike have come to expect from Cleveland’s wedges.

Cleveland Golf, has also introduced two new finishes for the RTX ZipCore Wedge: Black Satin and Tour Rack. These two new finishes will officially launch on Friday, October 2, 2020.

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