Titleist’s iron lineup has something for every golfer

Titleist has been known for years as a manufacturer whose irons appealed to the “better golfer.” The company’s lineup offers more variety than ever, with clubs that have you covered whether you’re a low-handicap golfer, or someone who is seeking distance and forgiveness.

Last year, Titleist made the move to replace its popular AP line of irons with the T series of irons. Many Canadian golfers wouldn’t have had the opportunity to check them out before the snow hit the ground in many parts of the country. Truthfully, these are irons worth taking the time with—sophisticated in appearance and technology, and with variations that will capture your attention. We will walk you through Titleist’s award-winning lineup of irons and help you find the best match for your game.


Workable—that’s the best tag for the T100.

This is Titleist’s iron that comes with tour approval. Jordan Spieth was among the players that had input into the iron design, which will give you a pretty strong sense of the type of golfer these are intended for. Forged irons, the T100 offers incredible balance and low center of gravity—allowing for the best control golfers demand.

What you need to know

Distance isn’t the key with these irons. Instead, the focus is on playability and feel.


Stronger—that’s the best tag for the T100•S

This addition to the T series family of irons, are masterfully designed to deliver the same tour-level precision and signature forged feel as T100, in 2-degree stronger lofts for longer distance. This gives better players the distance they need to score lower, while preserving the feel and precision required for superior shot shaping. These irons are also available in a limited edition stealthy all-black setup. The all-black T100•S irons are finished with a sleek High Polish Black PVD coating and will be available in limited quantities on August 28 online and in select doors.

What you need to know

Distance is the key with these irons. Tight dispersion and proper trajectory will help you hit those long shots and lower your score.


Long—That’s how we’d describe the T200. This was previously the AP3—a player’s iron that aims at offering more distance. The T200 looks like a player’s iron—thin top, little offset—but incorporates Max Impact, one of the key technologies from Titleist in the T series. These are great-feeling irons with plenty of distance, but without compromising the look and feel one comes to expect from Titleist. The T200 irons are also getting the limited edition stealthy all-black look. The all-black T200 irons are finished with the same sleek High Polish Black PVD coating found on the T100•S and will also be available in limited quantities on August 28 online and in select doors.

What you need to know

Are you someone who doesn’t hit a 7-iron 170 yards anymore, but still wants to be able to control your shots? T200 is a great place to start.


Forgiving—that’s the best way to describe T300. Using Max Impact, a technology that expands the sweet spot across the face for more playable shots on less than perfect strikes, and offering a low CG, this allows you to launch it high and far, even when you don’t quite find the center of the clubface.

What you need to know

Are you a mid-handicap player who could use some extra forgiveness in your irons? T300 could be for you. Long and straight, these irons project confidence.


Generous—that’s the T400. Consider this Titleist’s move into super game improvement irons with a big focus on distance. Equipped with a lightning fast Super Thin L-Face and using a hollow construction method for a lower CG, these irons instill confidence when you’re chasing that flag.

What you need to know

An iron aimed at helping you with forgiveness and distance, you’re going to want to swing away with these in your hands.

620 CB and MB

Game on—if you’re a single-digit handicap and you’re looking to shape shots and hit precise distances, the 620 Forged CB and MB are worth investigating.

This isn’t for everyone—you’re getting muscle back irons and cavity back forged offerings here. Coming in a classic design, with some modern touches, these forged irons provide the renowned look and feel players expect from Titleist.

What you need to know

These feel and look like classics—and in many ways they are. The 620 series isn’t going to be for everyone, but low-handicap golfers thinking about the T100 series, should at least investigate what they have to provide.


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One thought on “Titleist’s iron lineup has something for every golfer”

  1. 7 iron models from Titleist?? Sheesh… When I started golf in 2000 Titleist only had 2 models available during that time either a game improvement or a player’s club (981 and 990) and only 1 driver (the legendary 975D).