Titleist the next generation of its Tour Speed and Tour Soft balls

Titleist recently introduced the next generation of two of its stalwart golf balls—the Tour Speed and Tour Soft.


The next generation Tour Speed ball features a reformulated high-speed core and high casing layer with proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane cover that produces consistently fast speed, penetrating flight, and exceptional short game control.

“The key to the development process was successfully reformulating the core and high-flex casing layer to perform in conjunction with the proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane cover to our stringent quality tolerances, so the golf ball performs consistently on every shot,” said Frederick Waddell, Titleist’s Director of Product Management.

The features and benefits of the new Tour Speed include

  • A reformulated, high speed, high compression 1.550” CORE generates fast speed on full swing shots to deliver maximum distance
  •  A reformulated and proprietary high flex casing layer helps maintain low, long game spin
  •  Proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane (TPU) COVER is engineered to deliver exceptional greenside spin for short game control
  •  A 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design provides a penetrating flight trajectory for long distance.

Is it for me?

If you aren’t keen on the price of the top balls in the market, but want many of the benefits (like a urethane cover), then Tour Speed is a consideration. If you are satisfied sacrificing speed and distance for feel, Tour Speed might just be your new ball of choice.


The third-generation Tour Soft golf ball has a new aerodynamic design for longer distance off the tee combined with a large, fast core for a responsive soft feel.

“The Tour Soft golfer prioritizes feel and seeks the softest possible, but they are also looking for all around performance,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President of Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “The new Tour Soft has been reengineered for improved performance from tee through green.”

The new features and benefits of the new Tour Soft ball are:

  •  Large and fast 1.600-inch core delivering long distance and responsive soft feel
  •  Thin 4CE grafted cover formulation providing reliable short game control
  •  A new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design delivering optimized ball flight for longer distance.

Is it for me?

Tour Soft is ideal for the golfer who doesn’t want to pay full price for the top balls, but wants the feel and responsiveness one gets with the best. You’re sacrificing a little distance here to ensure shorter shots—chips around the greens, for example—have the feel you want.

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One thought on “Titleist the next generation of its Tour Speed and Tour Soft balls”

  1. I have never thought of distance when selecting a ball. I am 85 years old with a slow swing speed (low 80s) and always just thought i needed a low compression ball.
    Is this not true?