Titleist Introduces New TSi Drivers & Fairway Woods

The TSi2 and TSi3 drivers and fairway woods are the latest releases in Titleist’s two-year equipment cycle. Employing new weighting technologies and innovate construction materials, the company is confident their newest gear will be a game-changer for top professionals and amateurs alike. These new drivers and woods will be available November 12th both in stores and online.

TSi Drivers

Building upon the success of the TS2 and TS3 drivers, Titleist’s new TSi driver models incorporate all the technological advancements one has come to expect from Titleist’s engineering department. When they set out to create their latest models, Titleist didn’t just tinker and tweak past blueprints. Instead, they sought to improve on all areas of the driver for a totally reimagined product line. TSi delivers more distance with greater forgiveness, and a sleek aesthetic that looks delightful at address. Dan Stone, Titleist’s Senior VP of Club Research and Development sums it up nicely, saying the TSi is “the longest, straightest, best looking, best sounding driver we’ve ever made.” Needless to say, TSi isn’t just the next evolutionary development from Titleist, but rather an entirely new species. As Ryan Andrews, Titleist’s Canadian product manager said during an introduction to the driver at a Toronto-area facility: “This has it all—longer, faster, with preferred shape and sound.” That speaks volumes.


 Face Insert

It starts with Titleist’s AT1 425 face insert, a new metal compound previously not used in club construction. “We needed a material that had higher strength and a little but more elasticity, and ATI 425 gives you all the attributes you need,” explains Uday Deshmukh, Titleist’s Principal Metals Engineer. The superior strength and malleability of AT1 425 allowed Titleist to create a thinner face that produces faster balls speeds across an expansive sweet spot. The result is a more forgiving driver that delivers further carries on off-centre strikes. If that weren’t enough, Titleist has gone the extra mile to individually test every driver to ensure it meets the maximum allowable face speed.


Not only is TSi faster at impact, it’s also faster through the air. Titleist essentially stretched the crown back for an elongated shape and tapered the head for improved aerodynamics. This design is more accentuated in the TSi2, with the TSi3 being slightly rounder. TSi’s innovative shape results in 15% less drag to allow for naturally faster swing speeds and longer carries. The smooth shaping not only produces tangible results, it also looks phenomenal, providing a tour-preferred, slightly open set up at address.

Better CG for higher launches

As much as Titleist has reworked the outside of the club, they’ve also spent time reformulating its imperceptible elements. A lower and deeper CG combined with a center of mass located further back in the club head promotes high launching trajectories and faster ball speeds at impact. The improved MOI also helps straighten shots, maintain consistent speed across the face, and offers greater club head stability at impact. When in tandem, the MOI and CG create the ideal balance between speed and forgiveness.

TSi2 vs TSi3

Although the general look and ambitions of both models are the same, there exists some marked differences between the two.

More forgiving

TSi2 is engineered to help the mid to high handicap player who requires greater forgiveness and needs a little extra help keeping the ball airborne. If you’re wanting something super stable at impact with less spin and a naturally high launching trajectory, the TSi2 is your ticket.

Dialed in

For better players who seek greater adjustability and want to dial in their driver specs for ultimate shot shaping capabilities, the TSi3 is built for you. A track weighting system along the bottom perimeter skirt provides five settings to produce an exacting ball flight that’s tailored to individual swing tendencies. One of the cool elements of the weight system is that it is practically invisible—once you set the weight in place, a cover obscures it, which makes the bottom of the club clean in appearance. In addition to the adjustable weights, the TSi3 also produces more spin than the TSi2 and a slightly lower trajectory, making it mildly less forgiving but easier to manufacture desired shot shapes. With a rounder crown that offers a more traditional look at address, you can expect to see TSi3 in the bags of many top professionals this fall.

Who’s it for?


Less spin, higher trajectory and a meatier look at address will benefit those who need a forgiving driver that’s easy to launch. This is a driver that will appeal to the broad range of golfers.


Greater adjustability combined with a lower trajectory provides better players with a tour-preferred ball flight and greater shot shaping capabilities.

TSI Fairway Woods

 Much like their big brothers, the TSi fairway woods were developed to help golfers of all skill levels get more out of their games. With an emphasis on creating woods that are easy to launch and provide forgiveness across more of the face, as well as having the ability to work the ball on demand, the TSi2 and TSi3 fairway woods deliver the optimal blend of distance, accuracy and forgiveness. Whether off the tee or out of the thick stuff, TSi’s improved sole shaping offers exceptional turf interaction in a variety of conditions, making it more versatile than previous models.


Much like the driver model, the TSi2 fairway wood was engineered with the average golfer in mind, producing moderate spin rates for less severe misses. With a deeper and lower CG that produces effortlessly high trajectories and a hotter face for faster balls speeds, TSi2 delivers what every golfer seeks—straight shots that go further. The club head can also be tuned to individual preferences, with adjustable weighting available in two gram increments (-4g to +4g). Equipped with a more aerodynamic shape and a confidence-inducing feel and sound, the TSi2 is one of the more playable fairway woods on the market.

The TSi2 fairway wood is available in 13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21° for righties, and 13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18° for lefties.


More spin, a lower launch and the ability to work shots on demand—that’s what you can expect with TSi3. Engineered for serious players who require exacting specifics in their game and unparalleled workability, this model comes with a truly unique heel-to-toe sliding weight system that pops out from the sole for adjustment and then is discreetly recessed back into the club head. In other words, it’s the weight track version of a secret bookshelf door. Not only is this just flat out cool and fun to tinker around with, but the retractable system also works to improve turf interaction and maintain the sole’s shape consistency. Kudos to Titleist on this one, this is truly one of the more ingenious technical features on the market.

The TSi3 fairway wood is available in 13.5°, 15°, 16.5° and 18° for righties, and 15° and 16.5° for lefties.

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4 thoughts on “Titleist Introduces New TSi Drivers & Fairway Woods”

  1. I have been using my 975J since 2005 and at my age (64) with an 11 cap. I tried the TS2 for 18 and really felt no advantage or improvement. (I played OK that day so the trial was legitimate). I average 235/245 on my drives and am happily pretty straight. What does the TSI have to offer that is different.

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you for reaching out. The 975J Driver was a great driver. The best thing to do if you are questioning if a driver will out perform your current driver is to test the current driver against the new driver to see what kind of results you are getting. We will compare them both for you and review the data together. If the TS2 driver you tested was not fitted to you and your swing you may have even seen a loss in yardage.

      Everyone sees different gains or improvements due to the nature of the game we play. Happy to introduce you to one of our fitters at your closest store.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you for all the driver reviews. I was looking for a new driver for one of my students. These driver reviews are very helpful for me to pick up a good quality driver for my students. Informative and helpful.
    Thank you for writing this post, appreciate your effort