TaylorMade launches P770 irons – a “compact P790”

A smaller package—but one that offers a lot of tech. That’s what you’re going to find in TaylorMade’s new P770 that will be available for preorder on August 14 and in stores September 4. The new P770 offers a higher launch than the P760 and the distance of the successful P790 line.

TaylorMade’s P790 line succeeded well beyond what anyone expected. The line is now in its second generation, and has captured players from 25-handicaps to scratch, a depth of golfers that TaylorMade never really considered initially. With that in mind, the company is etching out a new consumer segment with the launch of its P770 series, irons that offer the punch of the P790, but in a smaller form that will appeal to better players.

“This is a club that low handicappers and even tour players are going to be interested in,” says TaylorMade’s Matt Bovee, the company’s senior manager of product creation for irons. “What we were thinking was, ‘How cool would a compact 790 be?’ Well this is it.”

Key technologies

Sexy aesthetics

An iron aimed at the best players must have a thin topline and a slim sole, appealing to the purist who wants the look of a blade, while getting the technology of a hollow iron. TaylorMade has accomplished just that with P770.


While the loft specs are more in line with P760, the 770 line performs more like P790, especially in terms of distance and height on the shots. With Speedfoam used to offer a great sound and feel, and hollow body construction that creates great distance, this is a player’s club with the technology you usually find packed into a game improvement iron.

Who are they for?

Bovee says the irons were designed for the lower-handicap golfer who gravitates to P790, but would actually prefer a smaller form. “They are getting incredible performance in a small package,” he says. “Once you go down the road of what 790 offered, it is hard to go back. And now you don’t have to.”

Other irons

TaylorMade has also updated its P7MB and P7MC lines, offering the best players a cavity back and blade option. The P7MB was created for the world’s best ballstrikers—think Rory McIlroy—who aren’t searching for distance, but want control and feel.

With compact grain forging and machined face and grooves, this is a tour iron. The P7MC is also aimed at tour golfers and the better low-handicap players, who still want a tour look, but prefer the muscle cavity back performance.

In addition to the release of the P700 family of irons, TaylorMade’s fall release also includes an all new SIM UDI and SIM DHY, as well as a new addition to the Spider family of putter the Spider FCG putter and last but no least the Milled Grind 2 wedges, Tiger Woods special edition grind.

Available for preorder on August 14 and in stores September 4.

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