New Tech Promises Fewer Putts

Full of the latest technological advancements, you’ll know these putters are performing the less you use them. New lines from the likes of Scotty Cameron, Ping, TaylorMade, and Odyssey, set things up to improve your short game.

Manufacturers have been working tirelessly to develop new visual aids to ensure you’re rolling your putts on line. Whether you’re looking to get a new mallet, blade, or try something completely new, the 2020 lineup of putters is packed with innovations and ingenuity to make the hardest part of the game a little easier.

Scotty Cameron Special Select

Scotty Cameron’s creations have often been at the center of golfing history, and the man behind the brand is at it yet again with his latest line of Special Select putters. Employing his renowned multi-material construction method, Cameron’s latest line is focused on giving golfers a variety of putters that deliver a consistent solid milled feel with an unparalleled aesthetic.

Is it for me?

Do you like to play the best the industry has to offer? If so, you’re not going to need to look much further than Cameron’s Special Select line. With a variety of blades and mallets to choose from, the only poor choice is not making one.

Spider S Chalk TaylorMade

Finished in a soft, chalky white, TaylorMade’s latest Spider S offers a more traditional look to the company’s highly successful putter model. The Spider S Chalk has a thicker insert for a purer roll, a more stable overall design that increases MOI, and uses an X Design sightline feature for improved alignment. And to cap it off, the True Path Alignment System helps imperfect strokes have perfect results.

Is it for me?

Did you like original Spider X, but couldn’t get past the colour? If so, the Chalk version is exactly for you. Neutral in appearance, the focus is entirely on aligning to make that next 10-foot putt—which is exactly as it should be.

Triple Track Odyssey

After an all-hands-on-deck approach to improving alignment, which included consulting with optometrists, Oddysey’s Triple Track system ensures golfers have the confidence they need over every putt. While continuing to employ Stroke Lab, which redistributes shaft weight for improved tempo, the 2020 lineup from Odyssey leverages Vernier Hyper Acuity, a visual tool that uses multiple lines to more easily discern misalignment, ultimately resulting in better alignment and more drained putts.

Is it for me?

Does your stroke feel solid, but you’re still burning edges on a regular basis? It’s probably your alignment that needs some fixing. If you want to try the latest tech and take advantage of your sensory instincts, give a putter in Odyssey’s 2020 lineup a try.

TaylorMade Truss

A lot of golfers love the classic design of a traditional blade putter even if the data presented to them suggests they’d be better off if they switched to a mallet style putter. Many golfers simply don’t want to see anything they consider bulky. TaylorMade has solved this problem by working around this, creating a truss hosel in the Truss putter. Essentially an angled addition that is largely invisible at address, the truss hosel design limits twisting. The concept is the same way a truss would be used on a bridge. In other words, it is designed to stabilize the putter. TaylorMade engineers wanted to offer a familiar look at address while providing the stability one gets from two connection points with the clubhead.

Is it for me?

Are you a golfer who isn’t about to stop using the classic blade you’ve wielded most of your life? Do you like to look down at address and see the simplicity of a traditional putter, even while recognizing there are benefits in the new mallets? Well, TaylorMade’s Truss models might be the right fit to get you to consider a different option and make more putts.

Stroke Lab Ten Odyssey

Odyssey’s Stroke Lab technology has generated a significant amount of buzz, and rightfully so. By using a lighter multi-material shaft, Stroke Lab redistributes the weight to each end of the putter, creating a natural pendulum motion for an improved tempo. The Black Ten mallet delivers a high MOI, utilizes Stoke Lab, and has a Microhinge Star Insert that provides a softer sound and feel.

Is it for me?

Let’s be honest, everyone can benefit from a putter that improves tempo and looks great. With a sleek black finish and gold accents, this putter is for those who want to putt, and play confidently.

Spider X TaylorMade

To mark the 10-year anniversary of its debut, TaylorMade has delivered a reimagined version of one of the most notable putter models on Tour. Equipped with TaylorMade’s True Path Alignment System, which compensates for less than perfectly struck putts, and having more weight distributed to the perimeter of the head for improved stability and a higher MOI, the new Spider X promises to be a better feeling, more consistent version of its former self.

Is it for me?

If you’re a fan of mallets and don’t mind a little razzle dazzle on the putter head, then the latest Spider X from TaylorMade might just be the ticket. Bold, but not cocky, this model is used by some of the very best in the game, namely Rory McIlroy.

Heppler Ping

Using multi-material construction, the new Heppler putters from Ping delivers a firm feel off the face, while delivering a low CG to provide exceptional forgiveness. The black and copper finish is artfully blended, leading to a natural visual aid at address. Standard is Ping’s adjustable-length shaft, allowing players to tweak their set up for optimal comfort and confidence.

Is it for me?

This model is ideal for those who find themselves leaving putts short. The firm, fast face, coupled with the heavier mallet design, promotes a free-flowing stroke that releases the putter through impact for a pure, consistent roll.

If you are looking to improve and get the most out of your game, our experts are here to help. Shop the latest putters in store or online.

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