Mizuno’s new ES21 wedge hits the sweet spot

A higher sweet spot and more stability—that’s what Mizuno is promising with its ES21 wedge, a hollow body design that offers a deep center of gravity that offers more predictability in the strike. Wedges are, after all, scoring clubs, and Mizuno has created the ES21 to deliver a square strike that makes the shot more controllable for a vast majority of golfers. “We’ve taken a very Mizuno type approach to the ES21 by keeping the top line very sleek, despite the technology inside,” said Mizuno’s Director of R&D David Llewellyn. “Our testing showed that there’s a lot of good golfers out there who will be surprised at the gains they could make by having more predictable spin numbers.”

Key technologies

Sweet spot

Most wedges have the sweet spot slightly closer to the heel, making it hard for many average golfers to find a consistent amount of spin on their shots. ES21 puts the sweet spot higher, offering a more stable and reliable strike on scoring shots.


Hollow designs have typically provided more distance. But in this instance, the hollow body allows for a higher and deeper COG, with a high toe and low heel to keep the wedges stable when the face is open.

Quad-Cut Grooves

CNC milled grooves are cut into grain flow forged boron-infused steel. The wedges offer Hydroflow Micro Grooves, which are cut vertically, to help disperse moisture and maintain spin.


The wedges come in standard or wide sole options, but both offer a narrow topline, making them attractive at address.

Are they for you?

You’re not on tour—so why play wedges like a tour player? The ES21 should help the average golfer find more reliability in their scoring shots, and that means every weekend golfer should consider Mizuno’s latest when considering new wedges.

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