Hottest game improvement irons for 2020

2020 showcases a multitude of game improvement irons from golf’s top brands that look great, and perform that way as well. Whether you’re in need of distance, forgiveness, or, let’s face it, both, club manufacturers have been hard at work providing solutions.

Our Trade-In Event is the perfect time to upgrade your set, for less! If you’re in the market for a new set of irons, here are some of the top game improvement irons to consider.

Titleist T300

These wonderfully generous irons are what we’ve come to expect from one of the most renowned club manufacturers in the game. Titleist’s T300 irons feature Max Impact technology, which expands the sweet spot across the face for more playable shots on less than perfect strikes. Equipped with an ideally low CG made possible by using high-density tungsten, the T300 provides the weekend warrior with high launching trajectories for longer, more consistent carries.

Is it for you?
If you’re hoping to take down a course record sometime soon, maybe check out Titleist’s high-performance T100 iron series. But if you’re looking to beat your buddies or break that personal best round, these irons might be the ticket.

Cobra F-Max Air Speed

Engineered to be lighter and faster, Cobra’s F-Max Air Speed irons are generous when it comes to distance and forgiveness. As many of us know, long irons can be difficult to hit, but Cobra believes it has found a solution. By implementing a progressive hosel and offset design, (meaning the longer the club the shorter the hosel and more offset the face is) F-Max Air Speed irons promote greater consistency and a lower CG for optimal trajectories.

Is it for you?

These irons are made for the player who’s noticed their needing to club-up more often than they used to. If you’re looking to get back to your old yardages, the F-Max Air Speed irons provide a great solution.

TaylorMade SIM Max OS

These are the game improvement irons that look like they could be in a tour bag. Sleekly designed with a slightly larger clubhead and face, the SIM Max OS irons are as aesthetically pleasing as they are playable. Utilizing TaylorMade’s new ECHO Dampening technology, these irons provide a soft sounding strike that’ll turn heads at the range. Equipped with a thinner face and a more generous sweet spot, the SIM Max OS deliver the total package.

Is it for you?

You may be in game improvement iron denial, but with the look and feel of these irons, you might be compelled to make the switch.


A game improvement iron with a twist, PING’S G700 irons use a hollow body design and thin steel face to create a high-flying iron that’s extremely long while looking sharp.

Is it for you?

G700 is aimed at players who might have lost a bit of distance over the years, but still value a traditional aesthetic in their irons.

Cobra Speedzone

Cobra is all about speed and distance, so when they’ve made a breakthrough that they believe will provide more of both, it’s worth taking note. New this year in their Speedzone irons is a carbon fiber topline that reduces the weight of the club and also lowers the CG for a higher trajectory. And if you’re worried it’s all about speed, fear not, Cobra’s PWRSHELL face insert has increased the sweet spot by 35%.

Is it for you?

Do you like launching your irons into the stratosphere and getting a little forgiveness when you hit it thin or fat? If so, these incredibly long irons may be the tools you’ve been looking for. Available in both variable and one-length.

Honma XP-1

Honma has long been known for crafting high-performance irons that attract the attention of serious players, but with their subtle cavity back XP-1 irons, the company’s new appeal to mid-handicappers. Coming in a clean look, as is a staple of Honma’s tidy craftsmanship, these irons provide a healthy sweet spot that doesn’t compromise distance.

Is it for you?

If you’re trying to shave a few strokes off your game and need something that is versatile and not overly bulky, the XP-1 irons offer a nice compromise between super game improvement and high-performance irons.

Titleist T400

Titleist’s most generous iron yet, the T400 is engineered with one thing in mind––increasing your distance. Equipped with a lightning fast Super Thin L-Face and using a hollow construction method for a lower CG, these irons not only look like you can’t miss, they also feel that way.

Is it for you?

If you’re looking for an iron that can help in every facet of your game, especially launching it in the air, then the T400 series from Titleist has you covered.

Find your match

So there you have it. These are just some of the irons available for 2020 at Golf Town. To know which irons fits your swing, book an appointment with a Golf Town Master Fitter at your nearest store to test the latest and greatest and get custom fit to make sure you are truly dialed in with new set. And remember, our Trade-In Event (on now until April 5, 2020) is the perfect time to upgrade and take advantage of bonus savings on new clubs. Click here to learn more.

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