Golf Town’s StudioX offers a boutique club fitting experience

Golf Town has launched an industry-leading fitting experience called “Studio X.

Studio X is a boutique-type fitting experience, tapping into the latest in aftermarket shafts and offering expert support focused on ensuring each golfer receives all the potential benefits. The initial store-in-store concept was at Golf Town’s Laird Road location in Toronto’s Leaside community. The second location opened up in early June at the Queensway store in Etobicoke and the third location opened north of the city in Woodbridge at the end of August. Since opening, it has captured a lot of attention and more locations will soon expand out to include others across Canada.

“This is a facility that can fit you from top to bottom—a full bag experience led by Golf Town fitters who are dedicated to ensuring you’ll get the most of the experience,” says Kyle Gordon, Golf Town’s Director of Instruction. “This is about getting the right shaft and head combinations—and Studio X offers a really wide selection for the player looking to get totally dialled in.”

Using an appointment model, consumers can expect to spend up to three hours for a full bag fitting, while Studio X offers an even more extensive fitting that includes putter for an additional fee. Golf Town has created the Studio X concept to be completely focused on the fitting experience, using Foresight launch monitors in a private space that allows the golfer to be immersed while working with one of the company’s expert fitters.

For Studio X, Golf Town is utilizing very experienced club fitters who have a full understanding of the options available, as well as the expertise of having worked to fit hundreds of golfers. “We know the fitter is a key part of the experience,” says Gordon. At the initial Studio X locations, two fitters are dedicated to ensuring every golfer who comes through the facility receives an expert-level of service.

The fitting experience goes beyond irons and drivers, and includes putters, an element often overlooked by golfers seeking to improve their scoring. Using putting analysis software by Quintic, which uses a high-speed camera operating at up to 1080 frames per second to track the putter and the golf ball, Golf Town fitters can be certain you have the right flatstick for your specific stroke. Considering golfers use their putter more than any other club in their bag during a round, finding the right putter is essential to bringing down your score.

Overall, we’re offering an elevated experience with Studio X, providing our customers with access to an array of components beyond what the specific vendors typically offer in a club fitting,” says Gordon. “Our goal is to create a relationship between Golf Town golfers and our fitters, and create an experience that results in lower scores and better golf. If we do that, we know they’ll come back to Studio X for whatever is next in their bag—wedges, a new driver, or whatever they need.”

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