It’s The First Ever Smart Set in Golf

The successor to King F7 irons, Cobra’s new King F8 irons promote forgiveness and use cutting-edge technology to provide consistency for golfers ranging from weekend warriors to low-handicappers seeking a bit of help. Similarly to the King F7, the new generation is once again available in both variable and one-length options.

Designed to push the boundaries of iron design through the use of cutting-edge materials, Cobra says its new irons are the perfect balance of distance, speed and sound.

What You Need To Know

Smartest Set In Golf

In addition to the drivers, fairways and hybrids, all King F8 irons will feature innovative COBRA CONNECT™ Powered by Arccos System to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve your game. Electronic sensors in the grip will automatically record your distance and accuracy of every shot.

Cobra created thinner faces on the new irons through the use of E9 PWRSHELL technology that creates faster ball speeds across the face, so shots that don’t hit the sweet spot capture potential lost distance. The technology makes the clubs very forgiving.

Carbon Inserts
Additionally, Cobra used a new carbon fiber medallion to dampen vibrations and create a compelling sound and feel throughout the set.

The long and mid-irons are fully hollow, creating a responsive, fast face, while a cavity-back design in the scoring irons improves accuracy.

Who are they for? 

With their added forgiveness, and high-tech approach, the King F8 set will appeal to lower handicappers and high-handicap players alike. Add the COBRA CONNECT with Arccos, and you have a modern iron designed for those who seek a progressive design with plenty of forgiveness when they don’t catch a shot cleanly.

F8 irons are available now at Golf Town stores and

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