Cobra’s Forged TEC and Forged TEC-X Irons Provide Two Premium Offerings

For those who desire the workability, feel, and sound of a players iron, but continue to benefit from forgiving tech, Forged TEC and Forged Tec-X more of deliver what golfers want.

For better players, an iron that performs as good as it looks is imperative. After all, look good, feel good, right? That’s why Cobra’s new TEC and TEC-X have been technologically and aesthetically improved over past generations for a pair of irons that benefit the better player. Forged TEC targets the better player, while TEC-X offers ultimate forgiveness in a players-distance model.

Forged TEC

Continuing on the success of the KING Forged Tec iron that debuted in 2020, the latest Forged TEC iron takes Cobra’s player’s iron to new heights.

Awesome Aesthetics

Forged TEC has an overall cleaner look than past gens, with a thinner topline that oozes confidence. It’s also less offset for a tidier look at address that more skilled golfers prefer. The chrome finish is also a little brighter, delivering that eye-catching appeal that stands out on the range.

Key Tech


Thin, fast and forgiving, Cobra’s PWRSHELL face design is once again utilized in TEC for all-around performance and explosive ball speeds.

Foam Insert

It’s as much about feel as anything else when it comes to creating a desirable player’s iron. That’s why Cobra has inserted vibration-dampening foam in the hollow body construction for a velvety sound and feel.

Lower CG

By adding 20 grams of tungsten weighting behind the clubface, TEC delivers an optimal centre of gravity for preferred trajectories.

Are they for me?

Forged TEC is for the low to middle handicapper, think 5-15, who want workability and a clean look in their irons but also benefit from a bit of forgiveness.

Forged TEC-X

A player’s iron that’s all-around tailored to the solid middle-handicapper, Forged Tec-X irons deliver performance on all fronts. The “X” stands for extreme forgiveness, which is the main difference between it and the standard TEC iron. With a whopping 65 grams of tungsten in the longer irons, TEC-X has an extraordinarily low centre of gravity for higher trajectories and longer carries. For greater playability, Forged TEC-X has a shallower, lower blade profile that is exaggerated in the longer irons.

Are they for me?

If you’re a solid middle handicapper who doesn’t quite need to play game improvement equipment but isn’t ready to play a pure player’s iron, TEC-X bridges the gap, falling under the “players-distance” category that appeals to a vast swath of players.

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  1. I am a 12 handicap but my game varies more than I like. I don’t have a problem with 12 but it’s the variances that bother me. Would like to be more consistent. Just doing that might help.