Callaway’s precision technology makes a better Chrome Soft

Talking about manufacturing isn’t necessarily sexy. It doesn’t capture the same interest as saying, “This ball will go 10 yards further!” But the truth is that improved manufacturing and quality control has been central to much of the discussion around bettering golf gear in recent years. Callaway knows this. The company’s golf balls were the target of an online commentator who cut them open to find the cores were not consistent. Callaway’s new Precision Technology Chrome Soft addresses this specific concern.

“This offers a higher level of quality and precision,” says Jason Finley, global director of brand for Callaway. “The goal is to have every golf ball meet higher specifications. And the benefit to the golfer will be hotter, faster, more consistent golf balls.”

The change comes as demand for Callaway golf balls is at a high—the company now has 20% marketshare in the golf ball category. That’s a testament to their current product that will be available both in store and online on Jan. 28th.

“As CEO Chip Brewer says, ‘Bad products don’t generate new marketshare,” Finley adds.

What is Precision Technology

The overall concept is Precision Technology is the enhancement of every component, process, and measure. Callaway, which manufactures its Chrome Soft balls in Chiopee, Ma., put $50-million of investment into its facilities. That now includes 3D x-ray of every ball that comes out of the plant to ensure quality control.

Key technologies

Construction Optimization

The Chrome Soft has a new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core for increased speed, spin and control. “The new core recipe makes it faster and longer,” says Finley. “The goal is to make the ball faster while maintaining the feel that players have come to really demand.”

Tour Aero Consistent ball flight—The Tour Aero offers lower drag off the tee and comes in three colours—white, yellow and triple track.

New, softer cover in LS model—Golfers wanted a softer feel on chips around the green in the low spin model, and Callaway addressed this in the new version.

Is it for me?

Chrome Soft 22

“This is the ball that has the broadest appeal of the line,” says Finley. He posits the ball is likely to fit the games of most golfers, offering more distance and a softer feel, with a better chance for the player to compress the ball.

Chrome Soft 22 X

A ball that’s more nuanced and spins more than the standard Chrome Soft, the X Ball is for the play who wants to work shot more and is conscious of the need for spin around the greens and on short shots.

Chrome Soft 22 LS


The Chrome Soft with the lowest spin, the cover of the ball was reworked this year. This ball now feels more like the traditional Chrome Soft, but firmer and faster. There’s enough spin to keep the ball flying long enough without giving up distance.

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