Callaway’s Mack Daddy CB wedge designed for control, tons of spin

More spin – and great forgiveness. That’s what one wants from their primary scoring club and that’s exactly what Callaway’s new Mack Daddy CB wedge promises to deliver and are available now both in stores and online.

Callaway’s Mack Daddy wedges have been a staple of the company’s offerings for a number of years, especially given their use (sometimes quite creatively) by Phil Mickelson. But blade wedges aren’t for everyone — and Callaway’s CB version of the wedges (cavity back is what the acronym stands for) offer an option that fits perfectly into a game improvement set, providing forgiveness and spin.

Creating a bridge

Players using cavity back irons aimed at higher-handicap golfers often find it difficult to move from a larger-face 9-iron or pitching wedge, and into a smaller, streamlined lob or sand wedge. The goal of the Mack Daddy CB wedge is to provide the transition between a game improvement set and the key scoring clubs. After all, if you’re shooting in the 90s, you can’t afford to give away any shots, which is where this wedge comes into play.

Cavity back

The Mack Daddy CB offers a thicker topline and larger head to provide confidence in every shot.

Sole grinds

In lower lofts, the Mack Daddy CB comes grind designed to replicate traditional irons. But in mid and higher lofts, a modified W grind offers more bounce to allow the player to work more effectively out of bunkers and when in the rough.


JAWS grooves that offer precise edge sharpness on every groove for the most spin regardless of the lie. The JAWS grooves extend across the face to provide spin regardless of whether you’re low or high on the clubface.

Lighter shaft

Given the audience the wedges are targeted towards, Callaway is offering a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 105 shaft, which is lighter and mimics the shafts likely found in the player’s set.

Is it for you?

If you’re a player who shoots in the 90s or higher and is struggling to match up your game improvement set with your existing game improvement set, this is worth a look. If you’re trying to crack 90 for the first time, your ability to scramble around greens is going to be key, and that’s where the Mack Daddy CB wedge comes into play.

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