Callaway’s latest golf ball has been reconfigured to get the most of your game

You’ve heard the age-old adage, the one about the golf ball being the only piece of equipment used on every shot? Of course, we’ve all heard it.

And guess what? It’s true.

Callaway understands exactly this, and has spent the past year creating a golf ball that performs with every club, on every shot—from driver to wedge. The company’s newest release is their ERC, targeted toward the mid-handicap player who requires unparalleled distance off the tee, yet soft touch around the greens.

Fast to the Core

First and foremost, Callaway’s implemented a High Energy Core that works to deliver long carries through the entire set. By delivering faster ball speeds without excessive spin, ERC helps you launch it far and straight—an ideal combination for any player.

Promise of PARALOID

But distance only goes so far, or does it? Not to be all philosophical, but it’s a tall ask to make something go far yet feel soft—that’s like asking a car to be fast, and weigh tons. To overcome this conundrum, Callaway’s partnered with DOW Chemical to create a new hybrid golf ball cover that utilizes a PARALOID Impact Modifier, an innovation of molecular proportions.

So, what does that actually mean? Callaway’s been able to walk the tightrope between distance and feel by altering the cover’s molecular makeup, allowing it to respond accordingly to impact force. The cover also works in tandem with the multi-material construction to deliver a ball that’s fast and high-launching when you need it, but easily controlled when you’re around the greens. Not to mention, the PARALOID cover also provides lasting durability, which makes the cost-conscious golfer all the happier.

Minding the Mantle

Beneath the surface is more advantageous tech. The ERC’s High Speed Mantle promotes a fluid transfer of energy between each of its layers. Ultimately, this allows the ball to respond to what sort of shot it’s being asked to perform. When you’re around the greens, this energy transfer will give you a bit more spin, but it will also help increase ball speed off the tee or with long irons.

 Triple Track Advantage

Introduced last year, Triple Track is one of the most innovative visual alignment aids to ever grace the surface of a golf ball, and yes, it comes with ERC. Three lines allow our eyes to leverage something known as “Vernier Hyper Acuity,” a visual phenomenon that allows us to narrow in our focus on targets—in this case, that’s the bottom of the cup.

Is it for me?

The ERC from Callaway is a soft ball that’s built for distance and greenside control. If you have a moderate swing speed and could use some extra yardage without tons of spin that will exacerbate your hooking or slicing miss, then give this ball a try.

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