Nike’s Air Max 270 Golf debuts a new normal

Born on the sidewalks and evolved for the fairways, the look and feel of Nike’s latest shoe blends urban style with serious performance. To the delight of golfers around the world, one of Nike’s most beloved shoes officially has the golf bug.

The global juggernaut’s top-selling Air Max 270 has been gently reconfigured for the fairways, continuing Nike’s trend of reworking their classic sneaker models for the course. Maintaining its unmistakable silhouette that sneakerheads have come to adore, the golf version of this fan favourite—aptly named Air Max 270 Golf—is a little meatier, with an enhanced rubber outsole and a fortified upper for greater on-course stability.

Finau Endorsed: Equipped with a subtle traction system that utilizes an exterior saw pattern complimented by a spikeless interior sole, Air Max 270 Golf looks nearly identical to the original, but make no mistake, these shoes are made to perform on the fairways. Currently worn by Tony Finau, a player whose pure athleticism has come to epitomize the modern game, Air Max 270 Golf turns the page on Nike’s next chapter of fashion-forward golf footwear. The shoe comes in a variety of eye-catching colour schemes that emphasize the Air Max 270’s distinctive heel design.

Are they for you?

If you’re a golfer with an “athlete-first” mentality, the kind of player who not only loves the game, but seeks constant improvement, you’ll love what Nike has done with this shoe. Made to be extremely comfortable, players who often walk the course will most benefit from the shoe’s extensive cushioning.

If you are looking to upgrade your footwear we are here to help! The Nike Air Max 270 is available now online only at  Limited quantities available.

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