When dreaming of that one perfect shot becomes a reality not once but twice

What’s better than a hole in one? How about two players in the same group, on the same hole, on consecutive swings. Well sometimes when you dream of that one perfect shot it’s so nice it happens twice.

A hole in one is the most exciting shot in golf. Obviously.

But chances are that if you’re listening to someone tell you about theirs, your eyes glaze over and you nod and smile politely so as not to offend.

But … what if I told you a story about not just one hole in one, but two?

By players in the same group?

On the same hole?

On consecutive swings?

Do I have your attention now? Thought so.

Let’s set the scene. Saturday July 24th. Two-man match play event at Wyldewood Golf Club in Milton, Ontario.

Par 3, fourth hole. 171-yards. Over a creek.

18-year-old, Jack Williams steps up and strokes a pure seven iron. A couple of bounces later and it’s in the hole for Jack’s first ever ace.


“Hit it pretty good. Nothing special. Didn’t look like anything I hadn’t seen before. Landed. Took a couple of hops. We were all watching it and it just disappeared. I think everybody froze at that moment and didn’t even know what to say. I think we all lost it.”

 – Jack Williams

 Next up on the tee, 72-year-old Nick Corriero who takes a mighty lash, draws it toward the flag. Bounce, bounce, bounce … and in!

Golf Town

An ace to halve the hole! Let the celebration begin.

“I focus. I tee my ball up. I hit a nine iron. It was going a little bit right but it was starting to draw a little bit. And I’m talking to myself saying this thing is going right at the pin. And I saw something white dropping. Again, it was a couple of bounces and I hear Jack going ‘It’s in the hole!’” – Nick Corriero

Ok, so here are some numbers for ya. Odds of making a hole in one: 12,500-1. Odds of two players from the same foursome acing the same hole: 17,000,000-1. Odds of two players from the same foursome acing the same hole on consecutive swings: 157,000,000-1.


Let’s put that in perspective. The odds of you getting struck by lightning TWICE are just nine million to one.

Nick’s team went on to win the match but that hardly matters. What does matter is that two people who had never met before the match are now lifelong friends because of two perfect golf shots on one fateful day.

Oh by the way, exactly one week later, Nick had another ace on the ninth hole. What are the odds?

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4 thoughts on “When dreaming of that one perfect shot becomes a reality not once but twice”

  1. Forget the hole in ones. I’m more impressed that 72 year old Nick hit a nine iron 171 yards. It must have been a mighty lash!

  2. 171 yards with a 7 iron? That’s a long way for most amateurs. So Jack is young and must be a strong player.

    But then we have Nick who is 72. He apparently hits a 9-iron? Was this off the same tee?

    Can’t imagine a 72 yr old hitting a 9-iron 172 yards! What are the odds of that whether or not it goes in hole?

  3. Jack and Nick…..mmmm…..same hole and both with aces…Jack Nick(laus-esque) I would say haha…CONGRATS