Mike Weir Junior Clinic: Inspiring the next generation of golfers to come out and play

Mike Weir is in a good place.

The 2003 Masters Champion is enjoying a breakout season on the PGA Tour Champions with a win and four runner-up finishes thus far.

The injuries which plagued the later stages of Weir’s PGA career have receded and while he admits he likely won’t ever be “100-percent”, he’s feeling good about his health and his game in general as he enters this new chapter of “50-plus” golf.

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Now, it’s all about giving back to the game which has given him so much.

“When you start getting a little older and giving back to the younger people, it’s just feels good at this stage of the game to pass along a little knowledge. With these kids at their age, have fun and try to keep it fun for them, I’m all for that.”

The day began with the Juniors unpacking their very own brand-new clubs provided by Golf Town. Later it was time to put those clubs to use on the course.

Jessie Evans was beyond excited to be taught some of the finer points of the game by a Masters winner.

“It’s pretty cool to be honest. It’s such a big opportunity. I’m grateful to be here right now. We got free clubs too! Yeah, it’s awesome!”

But it was more than just free clubs and a Master Class from a Masters Champ. Each Junior golfer also received a Cottonwood membership to help them as they begin their golf journey.

As a Golf Town Ambassador, Weir says a day like this is vital to the growth of the game by simply encouraging kids to “Come Out and Play”.

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“We need the kids to get out and play and enjoy it. There’s a lot of other distractions from our youth, we had baseball and some other things to do in the summer. But now they can be distracted by gadgets and some other things and not activity driven things. To get ‘em involved with golf is something they can be outside with their friends at whatever level of play.”

As he looked back on attending his first junior clinic at the age of eleven, Weir admits he doesn’t recall a lot of what was said but does remember the overall message and that was to have fun. Thirty-nine years and one Green Jacket later, that message is as important as ever.

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