Jocelyn Avis is leading the way at Golf Town by becoming our first certified Master Club Fitter(MCF) under our newly introduced and enhanced MCF training program.

Hugh Burrill – Golf Town Ambassador

With 47 stores across Canada we have a wide range of expert staff from different walks of life. Regardless of their background, beliefs or heritage everyone has one common link that unites them all together, their love for the game of golf.

In this week’s Associate Spotlight, we feature Jocelyn Avis, an associate at our South Edmonton location. Jocelyn recently became Golf Town’s first female to complete our newly enhanced Master Club Fitter training program.

It wasn’t easy being the first to complete the new MCF program.

Just ask Jocelyn Avis.


“It opens a lot of doorways for other people to see that it can be done and they also have the same opportunities I have to progress within the company.” – Jocelyn Avis, Master Club Fitter

Jocelyn has made a lot of progress in her four years at Golf Town. She joined us right out of high school and quickly developed relationships with many customers at the Sherwood Park store in Edmonton. The connection with female customers is especially valuable when it comes to club fitting.

“Most women are super-happy to have somebody that’s comfortable and keeps them calm. So, you’re not having to be stressed out about hitting in front of somebody and impressing them. It’s just a more chatty and fun experience for them.”

The road to becoming a Master Club Fitter under the new training program isn’t an easy one. Hopefuls must possess a broad knowledge of all the products on offer, undergo an exhaustive training process and then there’s a written and practical exam.

“For new players getting into the game, especially women, it’s sometimes intimidating getting fitted by a man. Someone like Jocelyn just makes it very easy because she’s very calm and well-polished with her knowledge of product and the fitting process.” – Kyle Gordon, Golf Town Director of Instruction 

Despite her young age, Jocelyn is a golf veteran, having first teed it up at the age of five with her parents. She wrestled and played rugby in high school but is glad she can combine her first sporting love with her career.

“I love the people I work with. I love this store and the community and the customers that come in here. I’ve seen the same customers for the last four years and I just have the best conversations with them. It’s so much fun to be here every day.”

The community and customers would agree.

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