Written by Hugh Burrill

To say that Natasha Stasiuk had a great summer would be a massive understatement.

Natasha – who has autism – recently won her second straight Golf Canada All Abilities Canadian Championship held at Windsor’s Essex Golf and Country Club.

This victory coming just a month and a half after winning a fourth straight Ontario Women’s Disability Championship which, in turn, came on the heels of a second place showing at the inaugural U.S. Adaptive Open at Pinehurst.


But it was also a lot of hard work. Natasha says winning the Canadian Championship was more difficult the second time around. She wasn’t feeling good about her driver, so she never used it once during the two-day event.

“It was much tougher because Tess (Trojan) had a really good round. On the back nine on the last day, I thought I was going to lose it. But then I was like ‘Ok, gotta keep going.’ Plugging away, plugging away and I got it,” says Natasha.

 Natasha was the only Canadian woman invited to play at Pinehurst for the US Adaptive Open. She says that experience prepared her for success later in the summer.

“It felt like a big LPGA Tour Event. So much media behind you, beside you. It just made me feel like I was kind of a pro, I guess. That I can do it and I won’t be judged when I go play there. There was a lot of different abilities. I played with a seated player, I played with a visually impaired person, I played with somebody who lost both their legs to cancer.”

When she isn’t studying to be a developmental services worker at Humber College, Natasha works at the Vega Boulevard Golf Town location in Mississauga where being a champion golfer has its perks.

“Just being around golfers and walking in there and people are like ‘Oh, I know who you are, I see you around, I’ve seen your name.’”

 Natasha’s message to those unfamiliar with adaptive golf is a simple one.

“Go watch them play. You never know. It’s very inspiring.”

 Another massive understatement.

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